Staying Digitally Safe in a World of Cyber Threats

It’s a scary world out there. Desktop software, using software-as-a-service apps and mobile apps all have their points of vulnerability, and so do the underlying operating systems. You only have to look at the number of Windows updates and rapid iOS or Android app updates almost weekly to see that software bugs do exist, and no system is ever 100% secure.

In a world where digital security is now a real threat, here is some advice on how to keep your business systems better protected.

Use Google as a Shield

Google pays attention to websites that get infected with malware. It depends what web browser is being used on a work PC whether it will warn you ahead of time that the website you’re about to visit is infected and prevent access. Certainly, Google Chrome has this feature. Google will also usually warn you or remove the website from their index too.

To ensure a new site that you haven’t heard of before is safe to visit, either use Google Chrome to check for security concerns, or run a search for the site within Google’s search engine. This should highlight if there are presently any warning signs that the site is infected, which could go on to infect a work PC.

Be Aware of Phone Scams

There are a few problems right now with calls to SMEs from offshore call centers. They usually revolve around claims that software isn’t functioning correctly and directing the person to visit a website to download a patch. Sometimes, the caller will claim to be from a prominent software company where the odds are good that the business is using some of their software already. Windows or Office are commonly mentioned.

To avoid this issue, advise all employees about how these types of deceptions are operating. Confirm that such websites contain malware where the unknown person is attempting to infect the PC. Also, lock down business computers to require Administrator level access to install any software on a work computer.

Update Software Regularly

Keep software packages updated regularly.

Make sure that Windows Update is updated to the latest version too. This avoids the likelihood of a successful intrusion attempt because the software wasn’t patched quickly enough.

Get Forensic Help When Necessary

Should the worst happen, you’ll need digital forensics tools that will confirm what actions have been taken on a PC and the extent of the damage. These digital forensics tools are used by specialists that are experts at assisting companies in recovering from an intrusion, data theft, or malware infection.

Various apps are used to examine PCs and mobile devices to confirm what’s been accessed, altered, or deleted. These software apps can perform searches to speed up results to resolve any issues for the company sooner too.

Staying safe as a company isn’t as easy as it used to be. It’s necessary to be more knowledgeable than before to avoid problems. But should a security issue occur, get help as soon as possible to avoid long-term damage to the business.

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