Social Media Strategies To Generate Potential Leads For Your Business

social media strategies to grow sales

Social media has become a staple in our society over the course of the last few years. Great changes have been made to the way businesses advertise and find clients. No longer is it just the days of radio or TV ads. Our phones and computers get bombarded with advertisements all the time. This is the new way to find clients for your business. Social Media has become one of, if not the most powerful tool for generating leads and interest to your business. The last few years have presented a challenge to advertising on social media, but everything has just started settling down and looks like it will stay this way for the next little while. 

Use the Latest Tools

Many businesses are not taking advantage of social media advertising. This is a mistake. It is essentially a missed opportunity for free advertising. You miss all the opportunities you don’t take and not having a social media account for your business can lead to a significant reduction in interest in your business. Recent changes to certain social media advertising and story algorithms have created a huge opportunity for easy advertising. Social media, specifically Instagram, in this case, altered their algorithm for the “story” feature on their app. Instagram’s old algorithm would pull up content for you based on what it thinks you want to see first, and unless your business has recent and frequent interactions, that content will get seen last. This new Story feature allows your business greater exposure, which in turn will help generate more leads.

Here are some ways you can use this feature to generate leads for your business. 

Consider a Liking Service

There are plenty of companies online that offer services specifically to get your social media accounts noticed. Remember, the more noticed your account gets, the more people will see it, and the more people will come to visit what it is you have to offer with your business. Read more here about what services these companies offer, their pricing and how they can help you develop your business through social media. There has been a lot of confusion about these services being illegal, this is definitely not the case. Make sure the websites you plan to use are credible and use authentic accounts to help get yours noticed. The great thing about some of these services is that they offer unlimited posts for a monthly fee. This means that every single one of your posts will have traffic and will get a jump start being noticed. 

Demonstration Videos

Have a product where pictures don’t do it justice? Instagram Stories let you post a video up which can demonstrate the abilities of your product and otherwise show it off to a huge audience for free! If a picture is worth a thousand words than your video should get the attention of your target customers and your leads should start trickling in, in no time. Few things create as much hype as a quick viral video. If your product is something unique and entertaining and you should create a quick eye-catching demonstration of it.


The oldest and fastest way to direct somebody’s attention to exactly what you want them to see. Links used in conjunction with demos are a powerful tool that will no doubt get your intended web page flooded with potential customers. Always make sure to throw a link to your homepage or product when making a post for your business. The easier you make it for the customer the more likely they will check out what you have to offer. Nobody wants to go typing around google looking for your homepage or product, make it convenient for customers.

social media strategies to grow sales

Company Culture

Make sure when you create an account with your business that you also post a friendly face with it, preferably yours. Humanize yourself online as much as possible to build a stronger connection to your customers. Customers would rather support a smaller business than a gigantic conglomerate like Walmart. Highlight achievements within your company. This could be employee achievements, special events or volunteer efforts. Seeing that the business is made by real people working towards their own individual goals strikes a chord with people and will get you brownie points from your customers. 

Generating potential leads for your business online has become a lot easier over the last few years. Firstly, make sure to create a presence for your online company. No account means you are not getting any attention from anybody. Not good, get those accounts set up. Use videos and stories to your advantage, get yourself out there as much as possible. More exposure means more leads. Always make sure to throw your links down in any of your posts. Remember most of all to keep it fun and light-hearted. Humanize yourself and your company and keep those leads rolling in. Use some of these strategies and you will be running a successful business in no time at all!


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