Social Media Apps to Boost Productivity

Social Media Apps to Boost Productivity

We’re living in the age of digital and social media. People spend most of their time nowadays fidgeting, swiping, and typing away on their phones rather than keeping physical trinkets for productivity. Social media plays a big part in this. Particularly because it allows us to boast our workflow with our mates and family. Apps that allow this, fuel our token economy along with making us “feel good”. Whether you like it or not, social media apps prove to be quite a catalyst or an irritating anchor for boosting one’s productivity.

Thus, with all these social media apps raging around on the internet, it is imperative to equip yourself with a viable internet connection. We recommend calling up AT&T Customer Service and hooking up your daily driver with one of the top internet service providers in America for its fast-paced internet and delicious packages to keep your social media up to date with the latest and greatest. Let’s check out which social media apps can provide the perfect balance between social connection and boosting productivity.


Let’s face it, work can overwhelm us at any time of the day. Thus, catching up with your pending tasks while also trying to complete new ones can quickly become a daunting task. That’s where ProofHub comes in. This app is a pro at organizing your daily tasks and keeping a window of communication open with your fellow peers and managers.

ProofHub realizes that to maximize your workflow, you need more than just a work desk with all the essentials. You’d need to talk, solve queries, and take constructive feedback to come up with the path that is best for your team. Therefore, all this is available inside the app with multiple branches that keep up with your professional socializing and work productivity.


The prime hub for all things productive. Or that’s what they project anyway. LinkedIn is more or less a social media platform that prioritizes securing jobs, displaying certificates, and branching out your professional circle. It’s like an enhanced Facebook, but for business. Users can post motivational quotes, stories, and videos and give their friends life updates regarding their jobs.

For job hunting, LinkedIn provides many filters to search for the perfect job you envision yourself in. Consider spending a little to subscribe to LinkedIn Premium to get stats updates and feedback on what sort of user traction your profile gains.


The best app in terms of features you get right off the bat. Wunderlist helps you sort your daily tasks and even share them with your friends who have the app installed. This allows you to get reminders and updates from them as well. Additionally, since the app has no premium option, users can gain access to its entirety as soon as they download it.

The developers went above and beyond to make it accessible to all mainstream digital stores. This means it is available on Appstore, Playstore, Windows Store, and of course, the Web. Check it out on your phone, tablet, or PC and we promise you will not be disappointed.

Samsung Health

For fitness enthusiasts, we present Samsung’s nifty, ace in the hole. Samsung Health has been around for a long time and kept itself alive through timely updates and visual aesthetics. The app has transformed over the years to become one of the top-ranking fitness applications available. Owing to its ranking, Samsung has weekly exercise challenges that you can challenge your other Samsung friends to.

What this does is put you and your contacts in a competitive space. Here you can choose your choice of exercise and log in your reps, laps, and the like. Samsung also has global challenges that it presents to all of its users. These challenges have monthly themes and facts to them too so you can absorb info and get fit at the same time.


Grammarly is one of the greatest online grammar checkers available. The application goes beyond any typical grammar checker you've ever used. It not only corrects spelling faults but also highlights mistakes that are frequently ignored. It also recognizes words that are written correctly but are in the improper context to ensure that your material is clear and easy to read.

This AI-powered tool is a useful addition. It is simple to integrate into your Chrome or Firefox browser. It even works with Google Docs, allowing you to create and deliver error-free content. Even though this isn’t a social application, it works perfectly to boost production when writing/editing documents.


With Chanty you may turn any communication into an assignment. Furthermore, you can specify due dates, and allocate them to the appropriate individual using well-organized conversations and a fast task management system. Additionally, you can improve your workflow by moving to a Kanban board. This allows you to benefit from a from organizing all of your chores in one location. You may also go beyond merely conversing by integrating various applications into Chanty and eliminating the need to switch between them.


The social media apps above can help boost productivity as shown by the amazing services they provide. With our guide above, you can get right into the fun by downloading them. It’s about time social media formed ways to boost productivity and we’re glad these apps are at the forefront of providing that very change.

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