Simplify Your Life By Merging Your PDF With These Easy Steps

Simplify Your Life By Merging Your PDF With These Easy Steps

Have you been overwhelmed by too many files on your computer and wish you could simplify by merging them into one document? When your folders are stacking up, and when your files are over a thousand, it will be hard for you to sort them out one by one. This will have an impact on your productivity. Such a situation is not new. Those who have worked in multiple online jobs have seen this issue. There seems to be no time to organize things. You know some files need deleting, but they are just sitting there in your unsorted folder until an emergency calls for you to deal with them. It's time to simplify your life.

Why not just merge them into a single file? This is the sound solution for those who are dealing with multiple files. Jobs that distribute contracts, send newsletters, invites, or flyers know that you often need to browse through your active folders to send out your most frequent files. People who use MS Word for these tasks often find themselves deleting or writing over files accidentally. So how do we resolve this issue to keep you from wasting your time and energy? The solution is simple. Have a converter tool that converts all your Word files into PDF form and then merges these forms into a single file.

Merge PDF Files Using PDFBear Online Converter

If you've tried all online tools out there but still find yourself wishing there was more, then PDFBear is the answer. This online converter is powerful enough to help simplify your PDF needs online and offline. There are many productive things or tasks you can do with your files, such as merge PDF. The reason why PDF files are popular today is due to many factors. The first one is security. PDF files can not be altered. Unlike MS Word documents, where you can erase or change the text by accident, PDF files are change-proof. You can also assign a security option to your PDF file if you want it to be ‘read-only’ so that no one can copy your documents.

Save Time and Energy

Merging all your files into a single document can save you time and energy. With your combined PDF files, you can browse through them to choose a specific file to send out or share without the trouble of going through all your folders. This also allows you to change the format if you want them in the original Word form. Having the PDFBear online converter tool gives you flexibility and can help you simplify your life and work. You can also do many things beyond merging and converting file types. You can watermark, sign, or assign numbers to each PDF file in the document.

Merging your files can help clean up your computer desktop. Most temporary files occupy the desktop portion of our screen. They can multiply over time because you don’t have the luxury to organize things as you jump from one task to the next when you work on multiple jobs.

Secure Files and Documents

If security is an essential factor in your job, then switching to the pro version ensures your peace of mind. As a cloud-based tool, no malware or hacker can infiltrate your precious files. Remember, your computer is vulnerable to these. PDFBear can protect all the files you upload in its database until such time when you decide to delete them. Having the capability to store your converted files in the cloud can also help your future conversion tasks. You no longer to repeat the process because the files are stored, waiting for you to use them. Another asset of having a pro version is getting a dedicated customer assistant to help you if your files have issues. This can help simplify life for those who are working on massive data, as you can ask for assistance. This help is also great for those who work in corporations where multiple file conversions are part of the daily task.

Pro Version: PDFBear Pro

If computer storage space is an issue for you, getting a pro version gives you unlimited access to every task. You can upload and download big files without difficulties. Additionally you can keep as many files as you want in the cloud.

PDFBear: Merging PDF Files 

The steps to merge your PDF files is simple. With PDFBear, you only need a working internet connection, a browser, and your computer. PDFBear is cloud-based, this means your computer is not running any program. This frees up memory space, and processing power. The first step to do the merging is to open your browser and then go to the PDFBear website. You can also use Google to access the site if you don’t have the link available.

The website will showcase all the tools at your disposal. Simply choose “merge PDF” to start the process. You can drag and drop the files to the site or upload using the browser. The tool will showcase all the separated documents for you to combine. Choose “merge,’ and it will do everything. Now you can download the merged files as one document. Or, you can choose to distribute the file as a link or as part of your Dropbox. Once you are done converting your pdf, you can close the browser, and a copy of your file remains in the cloud cabinet for future use. This is how PDFBear can help you to simplify your life and desktop.

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