Search Engine Optimization & Social Media: How to Leverage Both for a Better Business 

Search Engine Optimization & Social Media

Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing go a long way in promoting the digital presence of a business, product, or service. They are incredible tools in online marketing that can help skyrocket the growth and expansion of modern businesses if used strategically. While both of them can individually have almost similar benefits to a business, investing in both can magnify these benefits and give your business an edge over your competition. In other words, they complement each other.

Since search engines index public social media posts just like web pages, social media presence can help boost your search marketing efforts. The opposite is also true, meaning that it is better to invest in both to best achieve your specific business goals.

To get down to the juicier details, here are some ways you can leverage search engine optimization and social media for a better business. 

1. Create Relatable Content

For you to fetch maximum benefit of both search engine optimization and social media, you will need to invest well in creating relevant content that adds real value to your audience. This means coming up with a solid content strategy that is customized to suit the tastes of your target audience as well as your business. 

Depending on your needs and where it is being used, this means using different types of content, including videos, photos, infographics, texts, eBooks, and articles. To avoid the technicalities you might face, hiring a reputed SEO and digital marketing agency can be a good go. They can help you determine the kind of content you need for your business based on your target audience as well as your business goals.

For the best results, search optimization content like blogs, articles, and web content should resonate with your social posts while promoting each other. It can help improve your ranking, online traffic, sales, and growth for your business.

2. Syncing MetaData – Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

For your web pages to rank top in search results, you will want to ensure a well-defined Metadata strategy for every page of your business website. This also helps get your content noticed on social media once shared on Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels. With that said, be sure that crucial metadata such as title tags and meta descriptions are well defined for each page or campaign.

3. Build Search Demand Using Social Media

Of course, you can use social media to bring more visitors to your business website, hence elevating your online visibility. For instance, a few videos with clickable links on YouTube, IG, or Facebook can help drive traffic to your site. If some of these videos are quite popular, many consumers will look them up directly on Google.

4. Social Media Is a Great Place to Conduct Keyword Research

By following the available social listening trends, you can discover some efficient and new keywords perfect for your search optimization content. In fact, you get to know what different audiences want to read about or follow most. You can use such keywords to boost your site rankings on search engines. This is a good example of how these two digital marketing tactics elevate your business. Furthermore, a lot of new incredible ideas can be discovered from engagement with customers and social media followers.

5. Ensure Your SEO and Social Media Goals Align 

Essentially, the primary aim of combining both SEO and social media is to better your business’s online presence. For that matter, their goals should be well-aligned. So, create a good strategy that provides content requiring amplification for Search Engine Optimization. Thereafter, boost the particular content through social media to attract audiences and you will be surprised how much this would improve your business’s online reputation.

Search Engine Optimization & Social Media

6. Ensure Your Content Is Sharable 

Finally, it pays to ensure your content is shared across all the platforms pertaining to these two tactics. This means having a range of content for your business shared on various platforms, including authority blogs, directory sites, your website, your social handles, and your followers on social media. While at it, invest strategically in link building and ensure you are getting links from high domain authority websites thus encouraging other sites to link to your web content. Therefore, leverage on getting more external links from authoritative sites for your business to rank higher in Google’s organic search.

While social media helps in improving the organic rank of a business website, it also comes in handy in boosting sales, brand awareness, and customer service. Search engine optimization benefits from this while also promoting your social pages, and helping prospects to find you easily with just a single search on Google. The above are just a few pointers to help you leverage search engine optimization and social media to harness these two powerful digital marketing tools to grow your business.

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