The Revolution Will Be Remote

The Revolution Will Be Remote

The obvious overstatement we hear all the time is that everything has changed in this new COVID-19 landscape, from our home lives, social lives, work, education, and even how we do our shopping. Of course, that’s not to say life hasn’t been disrupted, because it has, but it’s not all doom-and-gloom as the future will be remote.

Some may view those disruptions as a negative, but there are plenty of positives if you only know where and how to look for them. Yes, the uptick in remote learning and work has created various challenges if looked at in only one way. But, conversely, these challenges have also created more opportunities.

More Family Bonding

For example, the challenge of remote learning and working often is at odds, and it can be stressful for everyone involved. But, seen another way, it’s an excellent opportunity for you and your young students to interact and see how each other’s day occurs. Most schools are in-person for now.

While some have decided to take a hybrid or even moved to fully remote temporarily, the process has been a struggle when examined through the traditional lens of schooling. Still, when looked at through a lens of opportunity, the flexibility and interaction with technology will give those kids that can embrace the learning an advantage over those that only go through the rote process of learning.

Additionally, the fact that the future will be remote can be a boon for parents to see how their students learn, struggle to stay involved, and navigate through the technologies that are becoming ever more present in our lives. It can be a valuable lesson for kids in how the work environment and workflow occurs for their parents, making them more aware of the environment, the demands, and the roles that we take on in adulthood as employees and employers.

Better Job Satisfaction

During the past couple of years, there have been various opportunities as people, societies, and businesses have learned to adapt. Remote jobs have seen an incredible uptick in searches and opportunities to the tune of an over 460% increase. What that all means is that the traditional ways of doing things are changing at an accelerated rate.

The new normal is here, and depending on how societies adapt. It can be for the positive. And for businesses of all sorts, adapting is the best practice to survive. The decentralized business has the advantages of:

  • Lower real estate overhead

  • Less employee dissatisfaction due to less commute and time away from home

  • Increased hours of operation as employers strive to accommodate the demands of working from home

  • Higher productivity as workers can eliminate some of the distractions that occur in the workplace

All sorts of industries have had to pivot to a more flexible business model, from the mom-and-pop retail shop to the local eatery providing pick-up and delivery options. The options are only limited by imagination and local ordinances.

Improvements On Other Fronts

Even some less-regulated industries, such as real estate and “adult” entertainment sectors like sportsbooks, have had to become more flexible. Where most of the offerings were for in-person play, online options and app development have become more commonplace.

Additionally, most states offer some form of remote sportsbooks. So whether you’re looking for a sportsbook in Colorado, New Jersey, Delaware, and more, there are many options to explore.

In other industries such as health care, remote and teleconference appointments are becoming the priority. The ease of discussing any concerns with your healthcare provider online allows the practitioner more time to communicate with more of the patients in their care. Additionally, fewer disruptions to the patient’s day create more convenience in the maintenance without sacrificing the quality of care provided.

Focusing On the Long-Term

In a blink of an eye, it seemed that everything had changed. But, in reality, the remote, decentralized work and social world we’ve lived in have been there for years. It’s been the acceleration of the change that caught people, societies, and businesses off-guard.

Moving forward, what is thought of as a disruption, for now, is quickly becoming the way business and life are being lived, and to embrace that change makes everyone better for it. The past couple of years didn’t create the acceleration of remote work and life. Rather, it exposed the process for what it was: becoming the new normal, the future standard for work, life, education, and more.  So much more will be remote.

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