Reasons Why Your Business Still Needs Signage

Many people believe that technology has provided enough benefits to discard the old. Perhaps that’s true for many things, but it’s still not an absolute rule - especially when it comes to marketing. Although digital marketing has made all our lives easier and more efficient, there are many loopholes digital marketing can’t cover.

Reasons Why Your Business Still Needs a Signage

Meanwhile, you can simply cover these loopholes with something as basic as business signage. Here are a few compelling reasons to convince you that, even in this digital age, your business still needs signage.

You Can Use Signs to Advertise Your Business

Ever since the dawn of time, signs have always been used for advertising. A sign is the flashiest way to catch the attention of all onlookers and alert them to your presence. Although you can scale up your business online and reach prospects from all around the globe, local customers will always be the main driving force for your sales. With that in mind, you can optimize your digital marketing efforts for local exposure. However, this will place you in a strong competitive arena, so you’ll have to do everything at your disposal to get a competitive edge. That’s not to say that digital marketing can not be effective. On the contrary, it’s only when you combine both online and offline marketing that you’ll get an advantage.

Signs are Excellent for Branding

There are few things that can show off your branding as business signage does. First and foremost you create your sign, with your branding guidelines in mind. The colors, the design, the logo, the wording, the contact information: everything on the sign screams branding. Better yet, the specialists behind explain how you can order different kinds of signs depending on how they’ll be used. The design and materials used for indoor signs will certainly be different than those in an offline event or for promoting your business on billboards. In short, you’ll have a variety of tools to showcase your branding according to your business goals.

Signs Are the Cover Page of Your Business

You always hear about you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover - but let’s face it: we always do anyway. If we, as business people, admit that we do so, then we can expect our customers will judge our businesses from the first glance. If your business doesn’t have any signs directing prospects to its location, you can’t expect them to know about you at all. Worse yet, if the sign you’ve hung up is poorly made, prospects will unconsciously and instantly create a negative image of you in their minds. Your sign is the cover page of your business, so make sure it’s attractive, well-designed, and comprehensive. Invest in custom decals using your branding so you get even more of an impact.

They’re a One-Time Cost-Effective Investment

There’s always a battle between the efficacy of marketing tactics and their cost. However, that’s not something you’ll have to worry about with business signage. A sign is a one-time investment that you can use over and over again, making its ROI much higher than any other marketing activity.

Business signage

Moreover, once you place a sign, it’ll act as if it were a salesperson on its own. It’ll intrigue onlookers, give them information, and direct them to your headquarters.

Well-Designed Signs Increase Sales

A sign acts in the place of a salesperson, but what’s the main role of a salesperson? It’s driving sales. Even in the digital age, and even without any salespeople, hanging signs can significantly drive more conversions and increase your sales by urging prospects on making impulse sales. In fact, statistics show that 20% to 40% of sales come from these impulse sales. That’s another reason why signs need to be placed in strategic locations; that way, you can urge customers to make the purchase as soon as they see the sign.

Caution Signs Can Help Keep People and Your Business Safe

It’s common to associate signage with marketing and promotional purposes. But there’s another significant advantage of hanging signs. By hanging caution signs around your business premises, you can alert people to possible hazards or safety precautions. Doing so will help prevent passersby and employees from getting injured on your business premises. In case injuries do occur, these signs can save you from the ramifications or liabilities and lawsuits.

The notion that offline marketing - specifically business signage - is dead is very misleading. There are a lot of advantages to adding signage to your marketing efforts, and that doesn’t remove the need for digital marketing. Combining both strategies will help you reach the most prospects, boost your sales, and improve the positioning of your brand.

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