Real Estate And Technology: Things You Should Know

Real Estate And Technology: Things You Should Know

Technology has already changed how we live our lives. Ordering food, booking your reservations, and buying essentials are easier now with the latest advancements. Technology has also changed how we buy or sell homes. Gone are the days when people had to wait to get the listing of on-sale homes. Now, prospects first check online for homes that people are selling.  It is now essential for home sellers and buyers to stay informed about the latest technological advancements in the Real Estate Industry. Do you want to learn what latest real estate and technology trends are popular in the real estate sector and keep getting more popular? If yes, then keep reading!

Real Estate Platforms

Online marketplaces are the easiest way to attract customers and allow the sellers to provide outstanding customer service. The use of real estate platforms or marketplaces is not new, but the implementation of unique designs and techniques is further enhancing the user experience. Real estate platforms are easy to navigate and understand. A platform named Felix Homes is the prime example of how these marketplaces are getting even better. This particular company provides an online home evaluation to homeowners. New advancements like these can encourage more home sellers and buyers to rely on digital platforms. The expectation is that more and more people will turn to digital real estate platforms soon. 

Blockchain And Real Estate

Blockchain has gotten popular in the masses for its use in new cryptocurrencies. However, the blockchain can do more than securing your transactions. Using blockchain can help home sellers and buyers to do business with more secrecy and transparency. The presence of fake documents and illegitimate deals is why most people get confused about real estate. With blockchain technology, getting rid of discrepancies in real estate is not a big deal. The blockchain ledgers can make it easier for both the buyers and the sellers to find and verify all the details. Ledgers can make all the transactions and contracts traceable. The use of blockchain and its hidden problem-solving potential in the real estate industry is what you will see real soon in the future.

Virtual Home Tours

Prevailing health conditions produced by COVID-19 have limited the mobility of the people. Homebuyers and sellers are taking more precautionary measures to stay safe and healthy. But, unlike other industries, real estate deals are made by visiting the homes and evaluating them. Visiting homes and learning all about them is no big deal with virtual home tours. Virtual walkthroughs are specialized in showing prospective buyers all the details of a home. Using a VR headset to go on the virtual tour is even more appealing and provides more information on the home. It was a problem in the past to create virtual tours and sending them from one device to the others. But it's now all easy with the fast internet speeds and powerful mobile devices. To sum it up, virtual tours are the most cost-effective and insightful ways to show your prospects all about your home.

Power Of Big Data

Real estate agents have been showing their prospects different homes based on their personal needs. With big data, it can be even easier for buyers to check the homes they would like the most. In easy terms, big data means gathering all types of data about a person to make personalized recommendations based on their liking. Prospects looking for a new home don't always state what they like and what they don't, making it difficult for real estate companies to show them what they want. But big data can solve this problem by analyzing the personal preferences of the prospects from the past to show them their dream homes. Usage of big data for individuals is a hot debate, but you can hope for the better use of this technology to benefit the real estate industry. 

Social Media

You may already know about this most obvious technological advancement in the real estate industry; it is social media marketing. Social media has proven as the easiest way to connect with more prospects and sell more properties. Usage of hashtags, targeted ads, and helpful content has enabled real estate companies to get better in touch with their prospects. People under 30s are usually the ones who are willing to buy a new home for themselves. Therefore, social media's effectiveness for buying or selling homes is not something out of the blue. 


Be it real estate or any other industry, only those who follow the trends and embrace the latest advancements are the ones who stay on top of the business. All technologies mentioned in this article will play a huge in shaping the future of real estate due to the growth of focus on real estate and technology. Stay on the lookout for new tech-focused real estate startups if you are going to buy a new home. 

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