Quotables - Inspiring Engagement by Moving from Text to Images

Images in online media matter!

Photos grab attention and communicate so much more than simple text.

As well, images are more "socially shareable".  Text can't be shared on Pinterest, but text in an image can be shared on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more!

Images also encourage more engagement that simple text.  On Facebook, for example, not only do photo posts get more engagement than links, videos or text-based updates, they actually account for 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook.

Look at this example for instance.  Are you going to copy this text and share it?

"Make Helping Not Hyping part of your Online Strategy"


Or are you more readily going to share the image below on Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook?  Same text, just now in a image.


Images DO matter in today's online marketing world.  The use of images creatively needs to be part of your online marketing strategy.

No, you don't need to be a professional designer or a PhotoShop pro to create quality, socially shareable images. There are ways you can use free tools to create and customize images.

Here's 3 online tools you can use NOW to customize images to create more buzz in your marketing:

  • Pixlr  is a quality online tool with actually a number of different options for different needs, Pixlr EditorPixlr Express Pixlr O-matic.
  • Picmonkey -Simply upload an image to edit and make changes.  It is quite simple to crop, adjust color, add text, or apply features such as a border.
  • Canva is a new online tool that is still in beta but offers great features for the non-designer. It has a simple interface and great features to add and edit images.
  • Read more on each tool in this post

Below are some quickly created and readily shareable examples of what I'm talking about!



Death, Taxes, and Facebook Changes







So go for it!  Give those sites a try and start bringing your best quotes and calls-to-action to life in images!


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