7 Stellar Benefits of Using a Project Management Software

7 Stellar Benefits of Using a Project Management Software

Projects fail due to poor management. This is one of life’s absolute realities. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Studies showed that more than half of all failed projects don’t turn out well due to internal project issues. This is something that is 100% avoidable if you’d use project management software. Using project management software will allow you to easily and successfully finish all your projects and more. In this post, we’d enlist all the stellar benefits that you and your company would enjoy if you would utilize project management software in your daily workflow. 

Benefit #1: Seamless Collaboration

It’s impossible to successfully finish a project without teamwork. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all. Hence, collaboration is of high importance. With project management software, like ZenTao, you'd find it easy and hassle-free to connect with different people and departments in real-time and all at the same time. You won’t have to make an extra effort to look for a platform that can store your files, documents, and blueprints. All can be easily shared in one universal hub that different departments and teams can access. As there is seamless collaboration, quality control and goal targeting can be easily recalibrated. Rightly so, project success is always within reach. A project management software would also duly automatically update everyone whenever a new file is uploaded or a task is finished. 

Benefit #2: Monitoring of Projects and Tasks

Monitoring is key to project success. Faithful progress monitoring is essential as it clues in everyone if a project is doing good or bad. This is something that you can easily do with project management software. In just a view, you’d get to see what tasks and projects are ongoing and accomplished. You’d see which tasks are taking too long to finish and which team members incur a delay. All can be monitored, evaluated, and assessed in just a click. Inventories, stocks, materials, and supplies can also be easily tracked. 

Benefit #3: Easy Budgeting

Effective budget planning is essential in the success of projects. It’s impossible to maximize one’s profit if one is not fully in control of incoming and outgoing money. Having insufficient resources is one of the most common reasons for project failure.  This happens when tasks and projects are assigned without fully assessing and understanding one’s current budget status. This can be effectively avoided by using project management software. Project management software can give real-time reports on your team’s available budget. It can always provide accurate data to support current tasks that need more funding and future ventures. 

With project management software, you can access all invoices for every single transaction. You can easily review purchase history and track where your money goes. 

Benefit #4: Improved Communication 

It’s impossible to successfully complete a project if no good communication structure, platform, and pathway is in place. All team members and departments must be able to easily reach out to one another with no hassle whatsoever. Poor communication or lack of structure in communication leads to misunderstandings that bring unwanted errors. You can easily avoid this concern if you’d use project management software. A project management software provides a dedicated communication platform where all messages and exchanges are duly recorded and accessible. With such a structure, it becomes ultra-easy to execute tasks and projects. The liberty of free and limitless exchange between team members and departments allows for smooth task integration and project completion. 

Benefit #5: Boosted Time Management 

Successful projects are always finished on time. It’s impossible to seamlessly work with numerous people and teams if you don’t have solid time management protocols. Such can be easily had if you’re going to use project management software. With project management software, you can easily create a timeline of numerous tasks and projects with corresponding deadlines. Everyone will be duly informed without the need for separate emails. Your project management software of choice will always notify you if someone submitted early or if someone is already running late. You’d also get to accurately measure the amount of time that it takes for your teams to finish tasks and projects. Such data is extremely useful for future task planning and project scheduling. 

Benefit #6: Data-powered Decision-making

Good decisions are ones that are supported with complete and accurate data. This is something that project management software can easily provide. With one, you’d always have a quick answer to any question. In just one look, you can immediately assess if a project is taking too much time and needs to be let go of or if a person is too overwhelmed with too many tasks. You’d have all the data you need in making decisions that affect your everyday business. You’d also always receive daily, weekly, and monthly reports that summarize the projects that you’ve been handling together with budget management and the performance of individual employees, teams, and departments. 

Benefit #7: Transparency 

You will always successfully hit goals if you’d use project management software. This is because utilizing one will effectively promote transparency across all endpoints. Project management software allows you to monitor all tasks and projects and all exchanges between individuals, teams, and departments. With such absolute access, you can easily see where a project is going. You can easily track tasks that went wrong and orders that were ignored. You and everyone in your team will get to fully practice accountability across all endpoints. Through this, no time, energy, or money will ever be wasted.

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