Post-Lockdown Business: 6 Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated

Most organizations worldwide are currently facing a difficult time combating unique and new challenges that no one could have anticipated. On the other hand, workers too have a lot of issues that range from anxiety to new worries in their minds. All this is regarding the safety of their families, their job security, and perhaps having to home school their children.  All of this impacts your team and it is up to you to help keep your team motivated.

Post-Lockdown Business 6 Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated

So, as an employer, what are you doing to keep your workers motivated and healthy? Here are some ways to keep them inspired and healthy while working.

Encourage Them to Have Routines

During these uncertain times, most employees have a hard time maintaining a work and life balance, which poses a significant danger to their productivity. Since employees don’t have the certainty created to call it a day, their work usually saturates their home life aspects, which can also lead to an increased stress level. So, you can help reduce the tension and stress in your employees by encouraging them to establish clear routines, take regular breaks, leave work at work and turn off their computers when at home.

Establish a Workplace Wellness Program

These programs are made to make sure that your workers are healthy, happy, and, more importantly, to keep your team motivated. According to research, creating a wellness program for your employees helps establish a win-win situation for both employers and employees. Some of the benefits of having this program in place are:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Enhanced relationships
  • Reduced employee injuries
  • Improved loyalty and morale

One of the most common wellness programs is exercise programs and activities. You can consider having an office gym and visit IRONCOMPANY.COM for some gym equipment. This will help improve your employee’s well-being and general health, which can, in turn, have significant monetary benefits for your business.

Celebrate Your Employees’ Success No Matter How Small It Is

One essential part of employee engagement is recognizing your team members' accomplishments and celebrating them. It is also important to note that one of the main reasons workers quit their jobs is that they don’t feel valued.

Besides, recognition is not just about establishing employee programs or giving away gifts. Instead, it should be about bringing out the very best in them and enhancing your business’s bottom line. In fact, most employees look forward to a workplace that delivers an engaging, productive, and pleasant work experience.

According to a Gallup workplace survey, workers preferred the following types of recognition from their employers:

  • Monetary awards like trips and pay increase
  • Public acknowledgment
  • Promotions
  • Receiving a high level of success via assessments and evaluations
  • Private recognition from the employers, boss or even customers

Communication is Key

Insufficient and ineffective communication can be the worst enemy of your business when it comes to employee productivity and motivation. Poor communication can lead to reduced consumer satisfaction, low productivity, and higher work attrition rates.

So, effective communication can positively impact your business by increasing employee motivation, happiness, and loyalty and improving their mental well-being. Besides, effective communication makes employees feel respected and trusted, and businesses that respect and trust their workers are successful compared to those that don’t. Effective communication can help grow your business by improving relationships and knowledge sharing.

In addition, never leave your employees in the dark regarding the decisions you make. This will only make them feel left out and overwhelmed, which can affect their productivity.

Give Honest Feedbacks

According to researches, the best way to motivate your employees is by giving them positive feedbacks. Providing direct reports and regular updates on how the business is doing and personal performance will help your employees feel appreciated and valued.

Also, it is essential to note that most business problems are caused by employees’ reactions to their employers’ practices, policies, and decisions. Sometimes, workers respond in the way the organization wants, but sometimes they don’t. So, it is vital to motivate a satisfactory response for organizational success.

Give response to employees by first seeing what they do and comment on it. At least make it a practice to raise your employees. Saying thank you for the remarkable job they do can result in employees reciprocating the behavior.

Establish Team Building Opportunities

Team building is becoming more critical when it comes to helping your employees connect. Team building activities can either be an online problem to solve or a face-to-face game. And while most people think of team-building activities as the perfect break from regular work, they have an essential purpose. They help develop the knowledge and skill of workers and also help build teamwork between them.


Going back to work after the pandemic will be a strange and unfamiliar time for everyone. However, feeling secure, safe, supported, and getting back into a routine, is essential for every worker. The above tips can help you overcome employee apprehension and improve their motivation when they get back to work.

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