pCloudy: One-stop shop for Mobile/Web Application Testing

pCloudy: One-stop shop for Mobile/Web Application Testing

3.8  billion people or 48.33% of the world population are using smartphones. There are also over 1.5 billion websites in the world. These statistics depict the popularity of mobile and web apps across the globe. In fact, apps have become an integral part of the millennial generation's lifestyle. Thus, brands are now focusing on web and mobile application testing to make sure that their users can have the best user experience. For testing the apps, QA teams are looking for testing solutions that are faster, qualitative, comprehensive, and most importantly convenient. Cloud-based testing platforms are the best solution for various reasons. For example, being highly scalable, 24/7 accessiblity, and much more. So in this article, we will review pCloudy which is one of the top continuous testing platforms for mobile and web apps.


pCloudy is a cloud-based testing platform for web and mobile applications. It works using a high-speed connection to enable a user-friendly solution. It consists of 2000+ laptop device browser combinations and 500+ mobile device browser combinations. These help to maintain the compatibility of mobile apps with all devices available in the market. You can integrate a number of tools with it. From test automation tools like Appium, selenium to CI/CD integration tools like Jenkins, bamboo. Additionally use performance testing tools like Jmeter or, consider collaborative tools like Jira, Githab, slack with the help of plugins or API keys. Hence integrating any tool in pCloudy is just a few clicks away.

pCloudy is highly accessible, so you can maintain business continuity in odd hours like during the pandemic or with geographically separated teams. You can save the extra money required in setting up a physical device lab. Plus, being highly scalable, it is easy to add or remove devices as per the project requirement. The out-of-the-box features make testing simple, quick, and hassle-free.

Now, let’s discuss the latest features of pCloudy.

The latest and key Features of pCloudy are as follows 

Browser cloud 

The browser cloud is a cloud where all the laptop devices are hosted so that you can test your web applications on them. It consists of more than 2000 device browser combinations to maintain compatibility with all the devices available in the target market.


For security reasons many organizations set up a staging platform for testing the private or local servers. Wildnet provides a security shield between the customer’s private server and the devices available in pCloudy, to eliminate all the business risk and the time and cost required in setting up a staging platform.

QR code/barcode scanner

Nowadays many apps use QR codes for product or user identification. Similarly in pCloudy the QR scanner enables the scan of a QR code for any device present in pCloudy. This helps the user to ensure that the QR code scanner present in your application works smoothly.

Capability Configurator

Creating an automation test script is the main thing to notice in this platform. Users have to use the latest version to make sure it is compatible. They control the rights to process and test applications effectively.

Data Persistent

The data persistent feature enables the admins of pCloudy to delete older data like reports through the settings. While using this feature users are informed in advance before deleting any data from their accounts. This helps eliminate accidental deletion.

App Language Change

This feature helps foreign users use pCloudy in their native language. The “App Language Change” enables the users to select the preferred language in the application. This also helps to use the app in their native language.

Android Tunnel 

With Android tunnel, the users can have access to any android device through the Android debug bridge. This enables the users to connect any android device physically with their local machine with USB. It can also be used by the developers to have control over the devices using the ADB command and debug their apps in real-time.

IOS Connect 

The IOS connect is a very powerful feature that bridges the gap between the developers and the IOS App. IOS connect helps the developers to connect to the IOS mobile devices as if it was physically connected to their systems. Otherwise, the developers would have a hard time debugging the IOS apps due to over-complicated protocols from Apple regarding building any utility.


With the surging demands of mobile app users, brands are leveraging app testing techniques to keep all the business risks at bay. This helps them provide an excellent user experience for their customers. Thus, technology is the savior. However, a comprehensive test automation platform is required. This then helps in removing bugs and also enhances the user experience. pCloudy, a continuous testing platform is an apt tool for building high-performance apps and helps provide the best user experience to customers.

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