Great Social Media Content Providers 2014

February 4, 2014

Just wanted to share a quick post to my community to recommend these three blogs to you!  Social Media Examiner recently published the winners of their "Top 10 2014 Social Media Blogs" contest and I'm thrilled to have three friends on the list.  If you need resources, these are three blogs to sign-up to get […]

Crazy Facebook! Is it Dead or Alive? Key Changes for 2014

January 30, 2014

Facebook.  Is it worth it?  What the heck are they doing?? Earlier this month I spent time with other social media and digital marketers at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas.  These were the kinds of questions I heard being asked! This event came right in the midst of Facebook announcing changes to the […]

Facebook's Changes: What to do About for your Page

January 27, 2014

Facebook keeps changing it up, so you've got to keep up.   What was best 3 months ago is not now.  Does that mean you should lessen your Facebook marketing? Nope.  It's still the largest, most dominant, most used social network in the world where your customers are spending the most time.  Facebook "time on site" continues to […]

Neal Schaffer on Improving your LinkedIn Presence for Business -A Halftime Mike Podcast

January 23, 2014

LinkedIn is the preeminent business social network and a place where most business professionals already have a presence. The key is making your LinkedIn presence work for your business! Neal Schaffer is a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer two years in a row and creator of the AdAge Top 100 Global Marketing Blog Windmill Networking (recently rebranded […]

Smart Business Insights into Social Changes and Trends Ahead

January 21, 2014

Social Media has become a mainstream locale where businesses want to be present.  It's become an important means for businesses to connect with and get in front of their ideal audience. The typical path of a social media platform from startup, for those that succeed, is to have a period of rapid growth that can […]

Visual Stories: 7 Ways Digital Marketers Can Use Images in Social Media

January 19, 2014

Images.  They are critical in digital media today. In both social media as well as on blogs and websites, visual imagery has moved to the forefront and is something every digital marketer must master.  Images captures attention, communicates more, and inspires engagement. A leading online software system for businesses, HubSpot, conducted research on images in […]

Discount Tire Customer Experience - A Halftime Mike Mini-podcast

January 15, 2014

Have you ever been surprised by your experience at a business? Not, negatively, but a very positive surprise?  I've got a story to share in this episode! This mini-podcast is on my business experience with a tire company where I went to have the tires replaced on our family minivan. When I think of businesses […]

How to Massively Improve your Digital Marketing - Part 3

January 10, 2014

Stop!  Review.  Plan Changes.  Then proceed! Your Digital presence cannot be static.  It's time to review your digital marketing and make changes to succeed. This is the last post in the series of "how to advance your business online."  The first two posts are available here: How to Massively Improve Your Digital Marketing  How to […]

Facebook Contest Webinar

January 10, 2014

Gearing up your Digital Marketing for 2014 and have Facebook Contests as a key part of that mix? You’re in the right place!  It’s a new year and many of us are busy digging into the year ahead. If you’re like me you’ve been reflecting on last year….what worked well….what you didn’t accomplish….and  what didn’t […]

Jon Loomer Tips on Facebook Ads, Insights and Graph Search -Podcast with Mike Gingerich

January 9, 2014

Facebook always changes! I put out a post recently with the headline: 3 Constants in life: Death, Taxes, and Facebook Changes!  It's a given and can make marketers head's spin but at the same time, there is so much opportunity for businesses on Facebook!   The ability to target an exact, ideal audience with your […]

How to Massively Improve Your Digital Marketing - Part 2

December 31, 2013

As I noted in my last post, the beginning of a new year provides a great opportunity for every company to review, evaluate, and plan needed innovations for the year ahead.  Overcome your fears, dive in, and achieve new heights! The web does indeed change quickly and innovation is constant. There are changes in Google […]

How to Massively Improve your Digital Marketing

December 26, 2013

Ready to grow your leads and sales via your online marketing? The beginning of a new year provides a natural opportunity for every company to review, evaluate, and plan needed innovations for the year ahead.   This is even more critical to do with a company's online presence and technologies because the web changes and advances […]

The Leading Edge - Evolving Technologies and Services

December 17, 2013

Technology continues to evolve and develop at a rapid pace.  What was leading edge 2 years ago, can be old and nearly obsolete today. Take Fancy Hands for example. From social media, to tablets, to apps for smartphones, the technologies continue to  evolve, and innovation is non-stop.  Let's look at three unique technologies that are […]

How to Launch Online - Podcast with Michael Stelzner

December 12, 2013

Are you interested in how one startup was able to get 16,000 visits to their website on the day of launch?  Want to hear the plan for partners, founders, and teaser videos that were used?  You're in the right place! Let's talk about "Launching" and give you some really successful examples! I was thrilled to […]

2013 Social Media Stats and Figures [Infographic]

December 12, 2013

Digital Insights has put together a great infographic on the latest 2013 Social Media stats. It's a great snapshot of the top social platforms. Includes items such as: Facebook total user base to-date Tweets per day on Twitter The most popular brand on Instagram Pinterest demographic shifts and more! Some of the stats that jumped […] the list curator for fresh content in your content strategy

December 11, 2013

If you're anything like me, you've got two problems all the time... 1.  Problem #1 - How can I consume all the content I want to read online? 2. Problem #2 - How can I create more content that is fast and easy for busy consumers to read that they love? Lists can be the […]

Cloud Storage-A No Brainer for Small Biz

December 9, 2013

So are you a Dropbox, SugarSync, Drive or Box person?   What's your favorite? You do use a Cloud storage service don't you? Cloud Storage Services Offer Flexibility and Peace of Mind The advancements in cloud-based computer file storage systems in the past few years have made it a simple and helpful method that business […]

Dennis Yu on Digital Marketing and Facebook Ads - podcast interview

December 3, 2013

I was privileged to have Dennis Yu stop by to talk Facebook on the Halftime Mike Podcast.  Here's a quick quote of some of the gold Dennis shared: Dennis brings tremendous value and has great insights on Facebook marketing in this episode of Halftime Mike, particularly related to how and why you may want to […]

Tech Tools for On-the-Go Sanity While Out of Office

November 29, 2013

Travel for work. Travel for holidays. Out of office time. Whatever takes you out (and you had better get out! Separate post needed on that one!) at times it can be important and even critical to keep in touch and keep things moving while you are out. Below, I'll outline a few varied online tech […]

Facebook Marketing - Training Camp with Mike

November 22, 2013

NOTE: Training Camp currently not taking new members.  To be alerted to next open dates, register. It's time to train!   Finish 2013 strong and get equipped for 2014!   Are you... Having trouble keeping up with all of Facebook's changes? Has your page growth and interaction stalled? Are you not seeing a measurable ROI […]

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