4 Top Online Video Tools for Small Businesses

July 20, 2013
The use of images and video in digital technology continues to grow. Why should businesses consider using video more? Images and video capture attention and help communicate messages faster, better, and with more emotional connection. With the speed of data networks and Internet service continuing to increase, the barriers to sending, sharing, and posting images […]

How Cats and Bacon Drive Massive Social Media Engagement

July 18, 2013
What is it exactly that drives the popularity of cats and bacon in social media? Cat memes and bacon pics rule and have massive engagement and share rates for some reason that escapes me! I have to admit, I don't get it.  Why do cats have over 30 million monthly Google searches?  How is it […]

How Small Businesses can use Instagram Video for Marketing [Podcast]

July 17, 2013
Instagram continues to grow rapidly in terms of users and activity. With the addition of 15 second videos to the existing mobile app and other new features, Instagram offers a valuable way for business marketings to create, produce, and socially distribute rich media videos. This Halftime Mike Podcast by host Mike Gingerich gives a quick 20 […]

Top Tips for Increasing Sales with Ecommerce

July 13, 2013
Ecommerce has come a long way in the past 3-5 years. From being something that was done by only large companies with big budgets to now being available to any business or hobbyist, the barriers to selling online have come down significantly. Another shift has been the increasing comfort level of consumers with making purchases […]

12 Point Check-up List for Facebook Page Admins

July 9, 2013
How long has it been since you REALLY stopped and reviewed your Facebook Page? Are you keeping up with the latest Facebook changes and features?  It’s critical that Facebook Page managers take time to regularly audit their Page and ensure that they are not missing out on new features. This Facebook Page Check-up List outlines 12 key […]

How To Embed Instagram Videos in your Blog or Website

July 8, 2013
UPDATE: July 10, Instagram releases new embed feature for the desktop web browser version! Currently, as of July 7, 2013, Instagram does not have a simple method for users to grab their videos and embed them into a blog post or a web page. Option 1: Instagram Web Version Now, when you visit an Instagram […]

Facebook Marketing Success with Photo Contests PODCAST

July 3, 2013
Welcome to my Podcasts! My podcast is titled "Halftime Mike".  You can find my podcast episodes easily by bookmarking this page or going to  What's with the "Halftime" theme? I'm a Hoosier native from the state of Indiana where basketball is HUGE!  I love basketball and believe it has parallels to life that are relevant […]

Halftime Mike Podcasts

July 3, 2013
Welcome to my Podcasts! My podcast is titled "Halftime Mike".  You can find my podcast episodes easily by bookmarking this page or going to  What's with the "Halftime" theme? I'm a Hoosier native from the state of Indiana where basketball is HUGE!  I love basketball and believe it has parallels to life that are relevant […]

12 Ways to Create Visual Fireworks with Your Facebook Timeline Cover Image

July 2, 2013
Facebook has moved to quietly do away with the 20% max text rule on Facebook Page Cover images as of July 1, 2013!  Read the full scoop on TabSite's blog here: Facebook Updates Page Guidelines for Cover Image. As Marketers, we are always looking for ways to rise above the crowd.  It's tough out there, and […]

Business Uses for the New Instagram Video Feature

June 26, 2013
Using the New Instagram Video Feature for Business   Instagram is hot! This social upstart was purchased by Facebook in 2012 and has a strong and growing user base. With celebrities, youth, and young adults spending significant time on this platform, it's captures a important demographic. As well, since being purchased by Facebook, Instagram has […]

7 Ideas to Promote your Blog Post with Social Media

June 23, 2013
A question I am often asked, is "how can I get more traffic to my blog posts?" The answer is fairly simple, social media can greatly help; but I add a caveat that there is more at play that simply sharing! Where and how you promote also depends on your audience.  Use these key questions to […]

Facebook Contests - A Winning Marketing Method for Fan Pages

June 21, 2013
Marketers are always looking at finding new and effective ways to reach their target audience.  With Facebook being a major social network force where potential customers are spending significant time, maximizing the effectiveness of your company Facebook page is a critical consideration. Facebook Contests offer this type of potential.  Here's the mother-load resource compilation on […]

4 Ways to Monitor your Facebook Page while Out of Office

June 13, 2013
Your out of the office.  Will you be outta luck on responding to posts and comments on your fan page too? It's summertime in the U.S.  That means vacations, conferences, and time out of the office. As we well know, social media stops and waits for no one!  'Real Time' is here to stay.   […]

How to Generate More Business for Hotels via Facebook - 4 Tips

June 6, 2013
Hotels have the opportunity to utilize Facebook as a key tool in their marketing strategy. With the power of social sharing of photos, posts, and deals that Facebook offers combined with the massive daily use of Facebook by individuals, Facebook can be a key marketing location for hotels. Combine the above facts with Facebook's Graph […]

New LinkedIn Features Enhance Social Networking - Maximize with these 6 Tips

June 4, 2013
Covering the Top 6 Things to Review in your LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn ranks among the top social media networks, and with over 200 million professionals as on January 2013, it is the preferred “business to business” social channel.  The site has recently added a number of new tools that enhance the experience, particularly for the average […]

Running a Successful Facebook Photo Contest

June 4, 2013
Facebook Marketing Webinar Event - June 28 Trying to take your Facebook Page activity to the next level?  Want to join the fun of running a Facebook Photo Contest but not sure how to start?  This is the webinar for you! Why a contest? Because it’s all about "engagement" on Facebook! The more your Facebook community […]

Steve Jobs - Stay Hungry Stay Foolish - and other sayings worth reflecting on!

May 27, 2013
A key legacy of Steve Jobs is innovation. When you think of Steve, you think of the iPhone, iPad, and resurgence of  Apple. It's often helpful, however, to go back and look at the bigger picture.  The trials at Apple that forced him out, the years away with Disney and Pixar, the stumble of Apple […]

Facebook Page Checklist - 11 Items to Audit on your Fan Page

May 23, 2013
Facebook changes things often and quickly. Six months is a massive time period in the Facebook ecosystem!  Page Managers must stay current, keep up, and adjust with the changes Facebook makes. For those folks that change and adapt, new features can add value and make a meaningful difference in your marketing! Below is the start […]

How Social Media Benefits SEO

May 21, 2013
Below is a helpful infographic about the ways that social media impacts SEO. A couple items stand out to me including: Social Media helps Content Get Indexed Faster Tweeting cuts indexation time by 50% Social Media reduces the time it takes Googlebot to find your content from Hours to Seconds Increases Rankings for Terms in […]

In Light of the Yahoo Purchase A Comparison of Tumblr and WordPress

May 20, 2013
Tumblr and WordPress are the two most popular platforms to choose from for hosting a blog separate from a company website.   If you’re getting started, or wondering what to do in light of Yahoo's announced purchase of Tumblr, here's a quick guide on each platform to help you make an educated decision. NOTE: To be […]

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