Marketing Your Business Using Videos: Here are the 5 Benefits You Can Reap

Marketing Your Business Using Videos: Here are the 5 Benefits You Can Reap

As an entrepreneur, you must understand how essential and inevitable it is to market your business, regardless of size. Many business people know this fact, but the results they get depend on the method they use to market their businesses. Marketing your business using video marketing has gained traction in today's corporate world for various reasons. Like many others in the industry, you may wonder how this technique can benefit you and your business. The five points explained below expound on this subject to give you a crisp image of the advantages of using videos to advertise your business and products.

1.     An Enhanced Consumer-Product Connection

Statistics show that consumers are more willing to purchase from a company whose products create a sentimental connection with their needs. Images, pictures, and photographs are all great, but you can’t compare the connection they create with the customers with what videos do. This is the main reason behind the increased demand for professional video production for corporations.

Videos are an excellent method to explain to buyers how your products can satisfy their needs. Moreover, consumers receive firsthand information and explanation of how to use your products. It's easier for purchasers to remember the information they gather from a video than when the same content is in text or image formats.

2.     Increased Conversion Rate

Unlike texts and images, videos are more engaging, making it easier for clients to remember the information they watch. Additionally, videos boost consumers' trust in your brand. This trust directly translates to a higher conversion rate. The audio and visual cues you add to your videos pique many consumers’ attention and interest in your business, brand, and products.

Consider including a few calls to action at strategic points within the video. These CTAs prompt the viewers to act, such as visiting your website to check out your products. Videos increase the conversion rate because many buyers aren’t willing to go through long image lists or text blocks.

3.     Videos are Easily Sharable

When you think about marketing your business using videos, you want the message you pass out to reach as many people as possible. Images and texts are sharable, but the chances of a good percentage of consumers opening them are lower than when looking at videos. The likelihood of consumers sharing an exciting video with others is higher than sending out text blocks or image lists.

You would be surprised to learn that people share videos 20 times more on different platforms than other content formats, such as pictures and texts. This is because videos are captivating, intriguing, and entertaining, besides communicating the message you, the business owner, intend to want. So be sure to focus on your video marketing as well.

4.     Boosted Website Traffic

Buyers always search for videos and content that piques their interests. A business website is a milestone in any enterprise, but such a platform will only achieve its optimum functioning if its organic traffic is high. You must research intensively to understand the keywords related to your business and add them to your corporate videos.

These are the keywords that consumers actively search for when accessing platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The right keywords rank your videos among the top on different search engines, boosting your website's traffic.

5.     Promotes Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is among the business advertising tactics that have existed for a long time. Nonetheless, having your email recipients open your messages can be challenging. Fortunately, research shows that people are more likely to open an email with the word 'video' on its subject line. Statistics reveal that your email marketing campaigns' click-through rate can increase between 200% and 300% by simply integrating videos into your messages.

Putting the word out about your business and products takes more effort than many entrepreneurs assume. You must be ready to take the right actions, such as leveraging video marketing, to enjoy optimum results. The points above enlighten you on the benefits you can reap from marketing your business using videos. Read them keenly to understand why you should consider this marketing strategy.

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