New Social Apps Worth Exploring In 2022

New Social Apps Worth Exploring In 2022

If you’re a content creator, brand, or business looking to set up an online presence, then you know that several social media platforms and apps can be explored to take your brand and content to the next level. While many believe we’re referring to leading platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, these aren’t your only options.

Like the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, there’s a lot of excitement that comes with discovering which new social media apps are launching on the market and causing a buzz for anyone interested in tapping into social media marketing. To find out what 2022 offers, you can keep reading for more.

Four New Social Media Apps


Supernova was launched in December 2021, and this is a new and exciting social media app that prides itself on establishing an ethical alternative to leading apps like Instagram and Facebook.

This is because Supernova’s ad revenue goes towards various charity organizations that creators and brands get to support. Here, the aim is to become an app that gives back and makes a significant difference to those in need.

Each advertiser can choose where they would like their revenue to go based on various categories that the platform provides, including human rights, climate change, and animal welfare.

Plus, the platform has a team of human moderators that help keep everyone included and safe on the platform. Supernova is still in its early days, but it offers a lot of potential to grow in positively changing the social media landscape.


Because social media is more of a visual-first experience, the launch of apps like Locket brings a lot of excitement in turning Apple’s widget system into a private social media space.

Essentially, the Locket widget works by showing the user live images from their friends on their Home Screen. Once the friend sends a snapshot, it immediately appears on the user’s Locket widget. This will allow the user to take a photo and send it as a response through the app.

Users can have a maximum of five friends on the app, which helps keep the experience personalized and tailored. It’s similar to a portal that travels directly to the people you care about with no promoted post or algorithm.

The app is presently making waves since its launch on January the 1st, 2022, as it’s already topped the US App Store charts with more than a million global installations.


The creator space is booming at the moment. Therefore, with the launch of new social media apps like Sunroom, these platforms help change the game for content creators and influencers looking to make their moves.

Founded by the ex-design director of Hinge, Lucy Mort, and ex-marketing director of Bumble, Michelle Battersby, the app provides users with a new way for non-binary and female creators to monetize their content.

These founders are well aware of the challenges that come with putting yourself out there. This is why they’ve established an inclusive app and community of users. Users can also set their terms on how they want to make their money. It’s meant to be seen as a form of liberation. Thus, the platform provides creators with several ways to earn an income. From tips and reactions to monthly subscriptions.


PearPop is a social media collaboration platform that allows fans to bid for shared screen time with TikTok creators that they look up to and follow. The app has over 100,000 creators, including famous artists like The Chainsmokers and Madonna. The app has been around since 2020; however, it now has a new offering, Pearproof, which just recently launched.

With Pearproof, creators can use the web app to sell NFTs on social media posts. Other apps offer a similar service. Still, this app allows these NFTs to accumulate value when the post generates more engagement on social media. It does this by using a tiered system. Once the NFT sells, the app will give the creator 90% of their profits.

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