Mari Smith "Bump" Phenomenon


Have you heard of the "Mari Smith Bump"?mari smith profile

It's a phenomenon that results in a surge of traffic to your website or massive sharing of your Facebook post (or retweets on Twitter).

The "bump" is something I've experienced a number of times over the past few years and which just happened again recently.

How the Mari Smith Bump works

  1. Produce high quality content over time
  2. Have Mari and her team notice your work
  3. Mari and team  add your resource post to their social sharing
  4. Post goes live...
  5. Traffic rush begins!

How long can the traffic rush last?

There is some variation in the length but the longtail effect can be quite profound!

The post below was shared around 9:54 p.m. Eastern time on Sunday, October 19.  It gained a bit of traction that night but began to take off the next day where it searched to over 800 views.

I thought this might be the peak but was amazed to see that the post then began to catch fire with shares (99 shares on Facebook at time of this post).  I noted that it was not shared on Twitter during this time period by Mari.  It was howver, then retweeted by others who came to the post and shared it.  Here's a glimpse of the social traffic to my site breakdown during this traffic window, it's pretty one-sided!

social referral traffic

The Facebook Post:

The bottom line is that the "Mari Smith Bump" is real and you heard the phrase coined here first!

Influencer Power

Mari has significant influence in the Facebook marketing sphere and can drive traffic in significant ways.  Connecting with Mari has been wonderful on a personal level and at the same time I'm amazed by the traffic that can flow just being close to her shadow!  We recently posted about "Influencer Connecting" on the TabSite blog and covered ways that leaders recommend connecting with influencers and what exactly influencer marketing is.

You can read more about that here: Influencer Connecting

As always, the keys are real, authentic relationships that are built on help and trust, not a sense of obligation or "business first".  All business is really about people at the core!

Thanks for the "bump" Mari !! 🙂


Have you experienced the "Mari Smith Bump" or something similar by others?

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