Key design changes you need to make to improve your website’s search rank

Key design changes you need to make to improve your website’s search rank

In the age of digital marketing, securing a good ranking in search engines can be a hard nut to crack. Creating an SEO-friendly website can be very challenging, since you have to consider how the algorithms of search engines work and adjust them accordingly to really improve your website's search rank. 

This entails understanding keyword search and content marketing. The list of things you have to consider for the process goes on, especially if your business has never created and used a website in the past. 

While SEO experts have had many of us wondering what it takes to improve the ranking of a website magically, there are a few parameters that even a beginner can monitor to get something out there. And mind you, if only these parameters are well taken care of, one may have a good chance of securing a good ranking in the SERPs.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to these parameters. Here are our tried-and-tested ones:

Website Layout 

It is no surprise that a website’s design has an important role to play in deciding its ranking. It is the reason why many of you hear about investing a good deal of time in setting the basics when creating a website from scratch. With numerous companies like Web design London offering free themes for websites, it has become even easier for you to create a website.  If you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to improving your website’s search rank, you can choose to hire these companies and utilize their services. Working with them is a cost-effective investment as you don't have to spend a lot of time formulating and testing possible solutions just to come up with a web layout that works for SEO. 

The takeaway from this point is that be very careful even in picking the theme and setting the overall layout of the website. It needs to be user-friendly, has indexable webpages, and follows a responsive layout. Google credits websites that facilitate users. 

Clear-cut message 

If the website is about a food delivery startup, the content should make it very obvious. If you are leaving room for ambiguity and users get confused the chances are that they won’t stay on the website for long and it will send a horrible impression to the search engine algorithms. Modify content where needed. 

Your website should be aesthetically pleasing, but this doesn’t mean that you should go overboard. Excessively adding too many graphics or using colorful fonts will only make your website look cluttered and prevent online users from getting important information.

Remember, your website should educate online users—may it be the history of your business, the products and services you are selling, or your business’s physical location, so make sure that your website serves these purposes if you want to improve your website's search rank.

Generate sitemap 

When creating a website from scratch, one of the most important things one needs to pay attention to is the sitemap. A sitemap is a well-thought-out blueprint of a website. It connects the pages with each other. It can act as a channel for the search engine crawlers to go through the entire website. The stronger is the link between the pages, the better the chances of securing a good ranking in search engines. 

Some of the best practices when it comes to creating an SEO-friendly sitemap is to maximize plugins and tools to generate your sitemap automatically, prioritize high-quality pages within your sitemap, and only use meta tag instead of robots.txt whenever possible.

Linking building 

Inbound and outbound linking plays an important role when it comes to ranking in search engines. Google credits websites that have more backlinks. Bloggers are encouraged to either go for guest blogging or pitch relevant websites for the backlinks. Moreover, internal linking of a website ought to be strong as well. Keep sourcing your previously written articles in the new ones to develop a strong linking network. 

Social Media presence

Capitalize on social media, especially Facebook. For websites, having a strong social media presence is extremely important. Since everyone is on social media these days, having a Facebook page for your website can reiterate the authenticity of your work. Websites that have social media integration also get an edge in terms of ranking. 

All in all, numerous other parameters can also do the job for you, but these are the ones that are going to make the cut for you. 

Adapt To Change

If you’re currently using a website for your business but still fail to achieve its short-term marketing goals and projected sales, it would be best to make changes to your web design. All in all, numerous other parameters can also do the job for you, but these are the ones that are going to make the most difference on your website's search rank. As long as implemented properly, these changes are enough to improve your website’s search rank and achieve your business’s goals using this platform.

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