Instagram Ad Targeting: 8 Valuable Audiences

Instagram Ad Targeting: 8 Valuable Audiences

Instagram ads are one of the most beneficial ways to be able to gain a new audience and get a better reach. These days a lot of businesses are starting out. They are placing their products on Instagram for people to know about and purchase too. The audience present on Instagram can generally be split into various groups. Consider how much they know about the services and their willingness to purchase the service. One of the most attractive ways to get an audience for the page is to buy real Instagram followers. If a person is new to the platform and wants to have a better reach, they can search for the best sites to buy legit Instagram followers.

Apart from this, people can target their page ads or product ads to a certain type of audience. However, you must consider that people may not be aware of your brand. Thus, they have never interacted with the type of content posted on the page. This is the group that has to be the target. There are 8 categories of people in this group. The categories of the audience present in this top of the funnel audience are:

1. Saved Audience

This is the type of audience that you base on the pre-existing persona of the brand's buyers. For example, if the brand has buyers mostly from a state or a region in the country and are 40 to 45 years, then the page owners should target the audience in the same age group and region. This may help gain a better audience for the page and the brand itself.

2. Instagram account based audience

The people who may have already visited the page or might have seen the content, are the Instagram account-based audience that needs to be targeted. One can select the option to do contextual targeting on accounts that may be interacting with the brand content. This is kind of a trial case since there is no data about the willingness of the audience to like the content. But as the advertisement is all about exploring new boundaries, this can be a great way of getting better reach through advertisement. "Over time, you can analyze results and use them in other strategies, including programmatic advertising, email newsletter marketing, and more."

3. Video-based audience

If the page contains video content about the products and their services, Instagram ad targeting can promote the content. It put the content in front of the users who have already seen the videos of the page in the explore section. When creating the ads on Instagram, users can choose to promote the content in front of the audience that may have watched either 6 seconds or 25% of the video on the page.

4. Website visitor audience

One of the audiences to target is the one that may have visited the website already. In the form for Instagram ads, choose the option for the website-based audience. Then the ads would be shown to the users who have seen your website and products. One can customize the targeting further as there are options available. These days there are lots of websites that offer the service to gain real Instagram followers. However, you should read some articles and verify the websites is always the first thing a person should do.

5. Website events based on audience

If the page website hosts various events from time to time like collaborations or sales, then one of the target audiences can be the people who were active during those events. In the form for Instagram ad targeting, the page owners can select the option for people who visit specific web pages. Then select the events to make sure that the ads are shown to people who might show interest in the product.

6. Lead form-based audience

This is the kind of audience that may have filled a form on the website or Instagram while checking out the services or products of the user's brand. The option of lead form is a selection in the audience section while filling the form for the Instagram ads.

7. Customer List audience

One can target the pre-existing customers too for promoting new products, sales, or services of the page. This way the customers may be tempted to make more purchases or interact more with the page. This is the easiest audience to target.

8. Lookalike audience

This is the kind of audience that matches the personality of the top buyers of the brand. While filling the ad form, one can choose the option for a lookalike audience. This will target the audience that has the same persona as the best existing customers of the brand.


Instagram ad targeting is not quite easy when it comes to getting a new audience. Thus targeting the right audience is always important for putting money at the right place. This is why the above list is best for people to understand the target audience and thus promote the product to them.

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