How to Write Engaging Blog Posts

How to Write Engaging Blog Posts

Blogs are some of the most effective tools to build and nurture connections. With quality blog posts, businesses can build brand loyalty and trust. Plus, engaging content pieces can keep readers coming back and anticipating more.

You can find lots of tutorials on how to write blog posts, teaching you the mechanics of blogging along with dos and don’ts. Reading them will help you create perfectly serviceable blog posts and attract one or two loyal readers.

However, if you wish for something bigger, you must learn how to write blog posts that can win legions of fans.

When you are genuine, you can effectively connect with people in all aspects of life. Here are some simple yet effective steps on how to write engaging blog posts while being yourself:

Tip #1: Share Your Stories 

One of the best ways to bring more value to readers and keep them engaged is by sharing your stories in your posts.

People usually favor real people’s real stories. For example, you can use words that show your inspiration, passion, or even where you came from. You can also use words that inspire your readers to share their stories and discover their passions.

Incorporating your stories in your blogs can inspire others, make them smile, provide relatable information, and establish a positive vibe.

Tip #2: Provide Useful Content 

Aside from wanting to be entertained, one of the top reasons people read blog posts is to be enlightened or educated. And your blog posts should give them those.

You can establish yourself as a trustworthy resource of useful insights and information that can help them enhance their everyday lives. In return, your readers will keep coming back for more.

For instance, millennials are associated with the cost-versus-benefit approach. Instead of making choices with a sense of responsibility or rote, they want to benefit from what they consume, read, or do.

Millennials are also known for their brand loyalty and generosity. So, if they are your target audience, provide them with valuable content.

Tip #3: Offer Varying Topics 

Do you want people to value your creations? Or see you as an expert in the field? Then, you have to write about your industry while covering topics limited to your products or services.

As you vary your topics, you can reach a wider audience better. You can also boost interest in your blogs.

You can create a spark among readers by:

  • Sharing tips that your target audience could relate to
  • Posting valuable life lessons
  • Asking readers to tell their experience-based stories and wisdom
  • Writing funny or occasional fun posts
  • Using buzz of current events

Tip #4: Focus on Flow 

While working on the flow of your posts, make each sentence count. You can use critical phrases naturally, move seamlessly from one section to another, and stick to an engaging tone.

If you want to ensure your post has a good flow, reading it aloud when it is completed would help. Your readers may feel the same if you notice something awkward or distracts you. So, please take note of them and try to tweak them until you feel satisfied.

Tip #5: Write Short Sentences 

Beware that online content must be more easily digestible rather than a print product. In other words, writing shorter sentences, paragraphs, and posts is helpful. Then, break up the posts using bullet points and subheadings.

If readers are provided with hard-to-follow content, especially on a limited viewing space like mobile devices, they tend to look for others. So, ensure to provide them with short sentences without compromising the message and the value.

Tip #6: Get to the Point Right Away 

Ideally, hook and reel your readers with your first sentence. Your opener should illustrate the post’s topic and how it will help the readers or surprise and attract them. After all, you do not have the space to accommodate a clever opening in several paragraphs.

Some readers are in a hurry and would appreciate it if they found your post’s point quickly.

Tip #7: Use Compelling Headlines 

Generally, people do not read beyond the headlines. So, your headlines need to attract readers and make them want to know even further.

Make your headlines “short but sweet” alongside carefully selected words that are meant to be eye-catching, use target keywords, or both.

Tip #8: Use Punchy Conclusion 

If you are having trouble writing the conclusion, you can simply summarize all your points. However, it can be boring that most bloggers do it as well.

So, you can:

  • Persuade the readers to care about your points
  • Restate the post’s main point
  • Use call-to-action
  • Use a thought-provoking question

Tip #9: Polish Your Post 

Now, it’s time to polish your post by doing some editing. If your content does not give your readers a smooth reading experience, they will lose interest.

Here are some things you can do to polish your post:

  • Remove any unnecessary stories, words, sentences, etc.
  • Make readers feel you are on their side
  • Infuse the content with enthusiasm, energy, and passion
  • Clarify any overly complicated terms or wording
  • Add metaphors or examples
  • Make the flow of each sentence or paragraph seamlessly into the next
  • Use italics and bold to stress critical ideas
  • Be concrete and specific

Tip #10: Promote Your Blog Posts 

While you can write as many engaging blog posts as you want, they still do not matter if your target audience does not see them.

Fortunately, you can choose from different ways to promote blog post without a fee, including:

  • Share your posts on most or all your platforms, especially if you have a strong social media following and email list.
  • Use LinkedIn Groups and Google Plus communities and stay active to generate interest in what you are posting
  • Use tools like Scoop It, Twitter Cards, SumoMe, etc. to increase engagement
  • Take advantage of social media influencers to reach a wider audience.

Final Thoughts 

The more engaging your blog posts are, the more exposure, buzz, and network they can have. Hopefully, the tips above will help you on your next project. If you are interested in using AI-based SaaS tools, you can check out this ContentBot review.

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