How To Use Links In Your Website To Increase Traffic

how to use links in your website to increase traffic

The internet is called the information superhighway for very good reasons. The influx of so many websites has made it possible for internet users from across the globe to find any information that they're looking for. Apart from being a good source of information, the internet has paved the way for ecommerce companies to thrive. Businesses selling all kinds of goods and services are all over the world wide web.

If you have started a website, or are in the process of doing so, you’ll agree that driving more traffic to your website is one of the biggest challenges. Because there are millions of popular and well-established websites on the internet, you’re likely to face strong competition. So, you must make extra efforts to drive traffic to your website.

The good news is that digital marketing strategies, particularly Search Engine Optimization, can bring in more traffic to your site. One of the techniques is called link building. You can learn more about link building strategies to help increase website traffic by reading the points below.

  1. Study The Audience You Like To Target

Remember that the objective of link building is to drive more traffic and audience to your website. But, how can you drive the traffic to your site when you don't know the basics about your audience? The links that you incorporate on your website should be those that your audience will be interested in clicking or visiting. Else, these links are going to be useless.

In getting to know your audience more, be particular about the following matters:

  • What your ideal audience is
  • Who your current audience is
  1. Go For Guest Blogging

If you're running a website that's focused on content, such as blogs, then guest blogging is one of the best link building strategies. This requires writing on the blogs of other websites as a guest. Then, these other blogs or website writers will guest blog on yours too.

The great thing about guest blogging is that you're bringing in more links on your website through the links that the guest writer is using. With this new network, your link building strategy will expand.

Here are some guidelines to remember to ensure that guest blogging works for you strategically:

  • Set a clear goal from the beginning. Decide what you wish to achieve in terms of link building through guest blogging.
  • Focus on guest writing on blogs or invite guest writers from blogs that already have a strong and established network of followers.
  • Study the blog's current audience. This will help you write better guest posts based on what the readers want.
  • Study the user experience on that blog or website.
  1. Create A List Of Websites Regularly

Creating a list of websites, and regularly updating this list may seem like a straightforward strategy. But it's one that really works. Take the time to do your research regularly on websites within the niche that you belong to. Target the websites that are working well. Then, list them down.

With this list, every time you come up with new content for your post, you can find a way to insert links where appropriate. This strategy can help ensure that you never run out of options. Then, whenever there's an opportunity for you to insert a website on any of your links, you can immediately do so.

The most important tip for you to remember is that each of the websites that make it to your list should present you with a definite possibility of reaching new audiences. So, you should generally focus on the websites that already appeal to your desired audience.

how to use links in your website to increase traffic

  1. Post Infographics Regularly

Rather than merely keeping your website busy with words, switch it up from time to time. The right way for you to go about this is to use infographics in your content.

Using infographics is an excellent strategy because infographics encapsulate all the technical figures into graphics, making it easier for your audience to understand the message. Further, these graphics are easier to recall.

Because of the advantages mentioned above, the presence of infographics in your content helps to generate more organic traffic to your blog and earn excellent links.

That said, here are some guidelines for you to be mindful of when using infographics:

  • Have a graphic designer create your infographics so that the graphics are more effective
  • Incorporate data, research and other statistics in your infographics
  1. Always Write Amazing Content

Links are incorporated into your website's content. So, it's important that the content on your website is excellent and amazing. Hence, it's essential that you master the techniques of producing attention-grabbing content. That way, you can invite more website owners to link back to you because of the quality of your content.

Some important tips to remember when writing good content for link building are the following:

  • It should always appeal to your target market.
  • It should be well-structured.
  • It should be well-written.


As discussed above, how to use links in your link building requires you to focus on various aspects. You must know which audience to target, including the ideal and your existing audience. You should also leverage the power of guest blogging to your advantage. Create a list of websites which you can keep handy for posting links. Post infographics regularly to spruce up your content. The quality of the content you write will always be the main factor that drives traffic to your website. Amazing content will go a long way in ensuring that your link building strategies work. Link building isn’t so much about quantity. What matters the most is the quality of each of the links and not the number of links that you have. If you've long been looking for ways to improve along that line, now you’re in an excellent position to start. With the link building techniques mentioned above, you can increase the traffic to your website. However, the process of generating traffic takes time. So be patient and consistent. Also, be ready to evolve with the times.


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