How To Style A V Neck Shirt In Spring

Style A V Neck Shirt In Spring

Spring is in full swing, and is there something more exciting than that? We love to have finally ditched our thick sweaters and coats for lighter clothes and more freedom to move. Among our ultimate spring staples are V neck t-shirts, of course.

This versatile, stylish and comfortable garment is the perfect canvas for creating endless looks and works for most springtime occasions. Need some ideas for styling your V neck tee? Let's dive in because we've got a few awesome ones!

A V neck t-shirt 

Besides being a little fancier cousin of a crewneck, a V neck t-shirt is also an excellent choice for those who want to look a little more put together and highlight their bodies.

V-necks are super versatile and work for most occasions, from casual weekend hangouts to smart-casual summer weddings.

V-necks are also super flattering for shorter guys as they have an elongating effect that makes you look taller, they also create an appearance of a more angular jaw, so if you're a bit rounder in the face, they can be an ideal choice.

Lastly, most guys would have nothing against broader shoulders, and V neck tees can also help as they create a widening effect.

Styling V neck tees for spring

Classic styles

We all need a few staple looks that will work for any spring day and occasion. Here are three outfits we swear by year after year!

White V neck tee with blue denim

This look is perfect for a beautiful sunny spring day. It's a timeless classic perfected by such bad boys as James Dean, and that will make any guy look mysterious and sexy.

Choose a high-quality tee from such brands as the black V neck t-shirts by and pair it with your favourite pair of Levis. Add canvas sneakers and grab a leather jacket if you're staying up late!

Navy V neck with khaki chinos 

This outfit will work great for work and other smart-casual occasions. The colour scheme is another classic and immediately looks classy and well thought out.

For cooler days, you can always add a sports coat, blazer or a preppy cardigan that will keep you warm and continue the timeless theme. What about the shoes? Brogues or loafers, please!

Grey V neck and dark or white denim

Another classic look is a grey V neck paired with dark denim and plain white sneakers or white denim and loafers.

Either combination looks perfect for a stroll in the park or a lunch date!

Depending on the occasion, choose a denim jacket or a blazer to keep you warm.

All-black look 

Lastly, for those fun spring nights in town, don't forget the option of an all-black outfit. This is an easy way to look stylish and put together in five minutes, and hey, it's super easy!

We love pairing it with simple white leather sneakers or loafers and a leather jacket. Want some pizzaz? Add some subtle jewellery and accessories.

Bold spring looks 

If you're looking to experiment a little bit this spring, go for it! Life is for having fun, so take your chances in fashion too.

Colour extravaganza

Pair your bright coloured V neck (how about lilac, mustard or emerald green) with your classic dark blue jeans or black or white chinos.

This will bring joy and expression to the outfit and make you stand out from the crowd. Don't mix and match too many colours, though, because it might look funny instead of bold and cool.

You can also accessorize with fun neckerchiefs and men's jewellery like bracelets and chunky watches.

Tips for wearing a V neck

  • Be careful with the neckline. Your V neck cut should not go lower than 4 inches! Nobody wants the early 2000s back!
  • Don't tuck your tee. This one's tricky because most of the time, a tucked-in V neck looks tacky or geeky. Try a French tuck where you only tuck the front part of the t-shirt.
  • Get the right fit. Not too tight, not too loose. Aim for the perfect middle!

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