How to Start a Home-Based Business in Washington

How to Start a Home-Based Business in Washington

A home-based business can be ideal in this time of the pandemic. Aside from that, it follows the country’s safety measures and regulations in quarantine, and it allows you to easily manage your niche anytime. If you are living in the state of Washington, you've got an ideal location to start a home-based business due to its vast potential clients and an interactive community, wherein the hustle and bustle of the streets keep the businesses busy; hence, growing and expanding.

While there is a great demand for services and products amid these trying times of pandemic, a doorstep to open your home-based business today would be a great gateway to success. To guide you, check this article out:

  • Start With The Easiest

Perhaps, you already have a plan on what business you will be establishing. Most of the time, home-based businesses are in a sole proprietorship type from which has less government regulations. Thus, it is easier to launch. Sole proprietorship is a type of unincorporated business entity wherein the owner pays for his or her personal income tax from the profits earned. Other small businesses, such as this, simply need to file a federal tax ID to be registered. Some sole proprietorship-type home-based businesses turn into an LLC when their connections get bigger and expanded. However, the LLC cost in Washington State will be different from the cost of a home-based business. You will need to cohere to requirements and coordinate with a registered agent to turn your home-based business into an LLC to qualify for legal operation. That is why growing your business at home is a crucial part to open doors for a huge opportunity.

  • Understand How It Works

A home-based business has a huge world in a simple home. Now that you are embracing this new business setting, you have to explore and understand its basic aspects. First, know your legality as a business by understanding the registration process in the state where you are living in. Second, the tax information of your business will be an enormous responsibility so you should also file the necessary requirements and reporting responsibilities if ever it has. Third, there are also health insurances from self-employed individuals who are running their small businesses at home. Lastly, be updated with the social security information to know how you could file the report of your taxes.

  • Acquire the Important IDs

Just like any other US business, a home-based business will also start operating with the federal and state tax ID numbers. An Employer Identification Number or EIN works like a personal social security number. From having this, you are enabled to pay federal taxes, open a bank account, apply for business licenses and permits, and even hire employees. State Tax ID number, on the other hand, can function other than filing taxes and hiring employees; it can protect you against identity theft for sole proprietors in Washington.

  • Apply for Business Permits and Licenses

Be a fully legal home-based business in the state. From having an EIN, you are now allowed to apply for essential business permits and licenses. These will enable your home-based business to perform its functions and operations. Missing a small or single business license could make you face unwanted consequences.

  • Arrange Your Business Space and Marketing

One of the major challenges in a home-based business is having sufficient space and strategic marketing. To address this, make sure you are embracing the attributes of being a minimalist. Maximizing your space will surely make your settings a highly-efficient set-up. Marketing strategy is crucial as a start-up. As a home-based business, you may use traditional print ads or even make a blog site wherein your potential customers online could easily and virtually find your business, most especially in this time of quarantine.


Starting a home-based business in Washington is indeed easy and ideal, especially in today’s situation. By having perseverance, you can achieve your business goal.

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