How To Recover Hard Drive With Bad Sectors For Your Company

How To Recover Hard Drive With Bad Sectors For Your Company

Hard drives with bad sectors are a common problem. Hard drive failure is often the result of errors on one or more tracks. These prevent data from being written to those areas of the hard disk platter. In some cases, these errors are due to defective heads that physically fail. They prevent any access to the physical media even though it appears intact from an outside perspective. Errors in magnetic storage can also occur due to external factors such as electromagnetic fields or excessive noise pollution at manufacturing plants where disks were manufactured and stored for long periods without proper humidity controls.

If your hard drive has bad sectors, though, you might be left wondering how to recover data from a hard drive with bad sectors. This post will teach you how to do just that.

Can Data Be Recovered From A Bad Sector?

In short, yes. However, the chances of recovering data from a bad sector are quite low. According to a study conducted by IBM in 2013, about 5% of all hard drives will have at least one bad sector. This is even higher for smaller drives—as much as 10%.

What makes a hard drive with bad sectors more difficult to recover data from is that the bad sectors can be spread over multiple tracks on the platter. This means that you will need to find every single bad sector and copy the data onto another medium. Such as an optical disc or flash drive before attempting recovery of your lost data file.

How To Copy Data From A Hard Disk With Bad Sectors?

If you have a hard drive with bad sectors, your best bet is to copy the data onto another medium before attempting recovery. This can be done by using either a hard drive cloning program or a specific hard drive data recovery service near me.

A hard disk cloning program will copy the entire contents of one disk to another disk. A specific data recovery software works on a more advanced level. Thus, can recover individual files from a damaged disk.

Can A Hard Drive With Bad Sectors Still Be Used?

It depends on how many bad sectors you have. As many as 10% of all hard drives have one bad sector. The majority of these bad sectors are on the outer tracks. Thus, are not in the area where the data storage is. Most hard drive manufacturers will replace or repair a hard drive with a single bad sector. If you have multiple bad sectors, you will likely get a replacement drive or a repair so it is useable.

What Is A Bad Sector Data Recovery Software?

Hard drive data recovery software can recover data from a hard drive with damage by analyzing the disk sectors. It will search for bad sectors, identify bad ones, and then copy the data to another medium.

Other than using a regular hard drive recovery program, there is no difference between using specific hard drive data recovery software or a regular one. They both analyze the contents of your disk and try to find where the damage is. It will locate the bad sectors. The difference is that specific hard disk recovery software can recover more than one file at once. It will also only retrieve them if they are not damaged by other operations such as copying or formatting.


Hard drive recovery is a meticulous process with a high risk of data loss. Get in touch with a data recovery agency with a track record of success. Ensure they have the equipment in-house to do the job.

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