How to Make Your Packaging Standout Amongst the Crowd

Make Your Packaging Standout Amongst the Crowd

Packaging plays a critical part when you are shipping products. Gone are the days when you could just ship a product and be done with it. Nowadays, you have to go the extra mile to stand out amongst your competitors.

Packaging products is a multi-faceted process. You must find the right balance between providing safe packaging, creativeness, and brand identity.

Offer better protection

Offering better protection seems like such a simple thing, but so many people cheap out on it. How many times have you seen people complain online about damaged goods because the packaging offered little to no protection? It happens pretty often.

Packaging holds a primary purpose to protect goods from damage. If it can't even do that, people will look for alternatives to your business, and that's not good.

Sure, you might not realize how ineffective your packaging is until someone tells you. Once it has been brought to your attention, though, you have to address it.

The answer is pretty straightforward: offer packaging with better protection. You should look into investing in more quality products like shrink or stretch wrap. Sure, it can cost a bit extra and might cut into your profits a bit. However, what’s worse is the number of damaged products you have to replace.

Do the smart thing, and offer packaging with good protection. It will save you a fair amount of money in the future.

Creating an eye-catching design

Most people are comfortable using brown cardboard boxes to ship their products, and that’s okay. Sometimes your standard brown box is all that’s needed.

Unfortunately, since most businesses use those boxes, your business runs the chance of being lost in the crowd. You're not going to stand out if you go the same route as most other businesses.

This is where you can get an edge over the competition. You can dig into your creative roots and come up with a unique design for your packages. It might cost a little extra, but it could be the factor that puts you over the edge among your competitors.

The question remains, though, “how do I come up with a unique design?”

There isn’t one exact way to create a unique design. It will have to be something you feel best represents your brand while having a unique flair.

Take, for example, packages from Target. Target often uses the standard brown box, but it does add the Target logo on the box and tape. By adding the logo, Target is creating brand synergy. Target wants you always to associate that red circle with Target. It's a smart and simple marketing strategy.

Anyone can apply something similar to their own packaging. Again, you just have to figure out what will work best for your brand.

Offer reusable and sustainable packages

This one comes down to a gradual shift in consumers. Nowadays, many people are looking for packaging that can be reused and is sustainable.

It's understandable, though. Many people are trying to be more environmentally conscious. They want to be able to recycle old boxes or reuse them to ship something else.

There are also more people who hold onto packaging for display. If someone receives a box they like, they might be inclined to put it on display for others to see, thereby increasing the box's overall life cycle.

If the packaging isn't eco-friendly, it can deter customers. It might not be the end-all factor for a business, but it does matter. You should see if there is something you can do with your packaging to reduce your carbon footprint. Your customers may end up thinking more positively about your brand as a result.

Getting the packaging right takes some trial and error, but if you can get it to work in your favor, you will enjoy the added value it gives to your company.

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