How to Make Animation for Marketing Effortlessly

How to Make Animation for Marketing Effortlessly

Marketing is an important branch of any organization or institute which is the way a business is interacting with the customers. Thus, by using digital means and approaches marketers can enhance the productivity rate of their businesses.

Animation is an effective way to tell a brand story or how to promote a product or a service where you can deliver the message effectively in a short time. However, it is important to choose a good animation maker to gain professional and high-quality results. Consider trying Doratoon which is one of the best animation makers around the world.

A short review of Doratoon

To create animation for marketing purposes businesses spend a lot of money. But a small business with a tight budget may not afford it. By using an efficient tool like Doratoon a small businessman can create animation marketing videos by himself.

Doratoon provides a user-friendly interface that makes it possible to create a highly professional animated video even if you do not have special skills or knowledge. Moreover, all the tools and features are accessible and available for users around the world.

It provides efficiently working up-to-date tools that can take a simple marketing idea to a high level. It also provides a lot of ready-made templates and animation designs that can make the process faster and effortless.

On the main interface of Doratoon, you will also find all the guidelines and tutorials that will facilitate the process. Doratoon not only lets the user create the animated video but also provides customizing service to make the video more relatable and personalized.

The given articles provide you with information on how to make animation with Doratoon for marketing strategy.

How is Doratoon best to create marketing animation?

As described earlier Doratoon lets the users not only create but also customize the animation which enhances the visual quality and relatability of the content. It is Doratoon's specifications and features that make it best to be used in marketing strategy.

It offers up-to-date tools and facilities to the users which let them create a masterpiece in a short time without putting in much effort and money. Following are some of the features and tools of the Doratoon that make it an incredible Animation Maker for marketing a business :

  • PPT to video conversion

Creating animated market research presentations is a unique idea to deliver the gathered information effectively. Doratoon provides a PPT to video converter that permits the users to convert all of the PPT slides into an attractive animated video or you can take a few slides and use them in your animated video.

  • Unlimited elements and designs

Doratoon provides a huge collection of animated characters and other elements. This feature will enhance your animated video relatability and acceptability.

Because of this, you can choose different characters and props related to your product or service. For instance, if you want to create an advertising animation video related to your coffee cafe then you can choose characters and props according to it.

  • AI dubbing and voice over

Adding your own voice in a marketing explanation video can make it more worthy. This is also a remarkable feature of Doratoon which can be used for internal or external communication purposes.

It permits the users to create dubb videos by using artificial intelligence technology. Doratoon also allows you to add any music or audio file that will be played in the background of your animated video.

  • Subtitling and alignment options

Subtitles can make an animated video more understandable and relatable. By using the Subtitles option of Doratoon you can easily add subtitles to your animation.

Managing text is a hectic task specifically when done manually. Doratoon provides an alignment option and it will guide you to manage the text easily.

  • User-friendly interface

Doratoon is the best option for beginners and for people who don't have special skills and knowledge related to animation or video making. Doratoon provides a user-friendly workbench to the users so they can create a high-level professional video without previous experience.

  • Other customization tools

Besides the above-described tools and features, Doratoon also provides many other incredible tools that let the users create an eye-catching professional animation effortlessly as all the tools work by using artificial intelligence.

Such as you can add filters to your animation or change the opacity level of it. Doratoon also provides you the option to show your drawing and painting skills by using the drawing option.

How can your business create animation for marketing?

Animation is a unique way to tell a brand story or to advertise a product or a Service. This helps you to tell a story in a short time and an efficient animation maker can make your way more straightforward and easy.

Above, we have discussed Doratoon and its expansive set of features. Now we will describe step-by-step guidelines on how to make animations with Doratoon effortlessly.

Step 1. Navigate to Doratoons official website and sign in to your account by using the"Sign up" button present at the top right corner of the screen. Signing up is important to access all the tools and features of Doratoon.

Step 2. After signing up, go to the workbench tab by clicking on the "Workbench"  option which is present on the right side in the top menu.

Step 3. A new screen Will open, from the left pane choose the first option named "Create A New Video". This will take you directly to the editing screen.

Step 4. Now you are allowed to create and customize your animation easily within a few minutes. When you are done you can save and title the video by using the export button present at the top right corner.


By using the above steps anyone can create an awesome animation for marketing without putting in much effort and time. Doratoon will save the created video in MP4 format. While exporting the video it can be titled so in the future you can easily locate it.

Ending remarks

To compete with other businesses, entrepreneurs and small business need an excellent tool to create animations for marketing. Doratoon is an excellent platform that offers up-to-date tools for businesses and entrepreneurs to create incredible animations.

The process to create marketing animation is very easy and straightforward if you have an excellent tool in your hand. Doratoon provides a user-friendly interface that lets the users create animations effortlessly within a short time.

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