How to Grow Your Instagram and Make Money

How to Grow Your Instagram and Make Money

Millions of people spend several hours a day on Instagram. Surely there are your potential customers among them. How to attract their attention? How to grow your Instagram? Maybe you need special Instagram automation tools? Or just an instruction to follow? Let's figure it out together.

Guide on how to grow your Instagram

  1. Target audience

The first necessary step in promoting your account is to accurately and narrowly define your target audience. This will help you successfully compete even with stronger accounts, become popular in your niche as quickly as possible, and start capturing new "territories."

  1. Content plan

Next, you need to think through the content plan in detail, focusing on several types of followers. The first type is "cold" followers, they are not sure whether they need your product as a class or you as an influencer. Some of your readers are "warm", they choose between you and competitors, price and look closely.

The most pleasant category is "hot", customers who are almost ready to buy from you. The key word here is "almost", they still lack a decisive incentive.

  1. Headings

Flipping through the Instagram feed, your follower will not see the entire text, but only two lines, and then not completely. That is why the first 5-6 words of the text are so important — it depends on them whether the reader wants to expand and read the post, or go further.

  1. Content marketing

To promote your Instagram faster and gain followers, you need to take care of non-selling publications, about the availability of just interesting and useful content for your target audience. Thanks to it, people who are not yet ready to follow will follow your account.

  1. Advertising

To promote your Instagram, high-quality texts alone are not enough. We need advertising. For example, the "official" Instagram advertising or promotion in other accounts — from partners, bloggers, in public.

  1. Statistics

It is important for the account owner who wants to promote his Instagram to understand as accurately as possible how the audience reacts to posts. Which texts are most often saved in bookmarks, and which are sent to friends in direct?

  1. Mass following

Mass following is considered one of the controversial methods of promotion. At the initial stage, when the budget is very limited, you can use it, but we recommend doing it very thoughtfully.

It makes sense to follow the profiles of your target audience manually. A good method is to walk through the followers of competitor accounts and follow them.

In addition, you can use a special bot that will automatically follow your target audience.

We also recommend cleaning your following over time. An account with several times more following than followers is more trustworthy. Therefore, we recommend periodically unfollowing some of your followers.

  1. Hashtags

Hashtags were used to promote on Instagram 5 years ago and are being used now. And for good reason, because a well-chosen, themed hashtag can give results.

How to choose hashtags:

To begin with, they are divided into high-, medium-, and low-frequency, depending on popularity. Millions of posts are published with high-frequency hashtags, and hundreds or even less with low-frequency ones.

To get to the top by high-frequency hashtags and many people, you need a combination of three factors at once:

  1. The content should be over cool.
  2. Native and non-native audiences should react to the content much more warmly than usual.
  3. Luck.

Which hashtag works and which does not work in your particular case, only experience will tell you. Promote hashtags related to your topic, select a couple of high-, medium- and low-frequency hashtags and test them.

Experiment until you get a result that will consistently give new target followers by hashtags, or use a hashtag generator like Toolzu.


Use the tips above to grow your Instagram account quickly. Your success on Instagram will become a reality!

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