Growing Leads with Instagram and SnapChat - Straight from Sue B Zimmerman


Are you growing leads with Instagram and SnapChat?

Do you wish you were and want to know how to track the ROI?

Sue gave away loads of creative ideas here!

Growing Leads with Instagram and SnapChat

In this episode of the halftime Mike podcast Sue B. Zimmerman drops in to drop some gold on ways to use Instagram and SnapChat (and she slides in Periscope too) to drive traffic, grow leads, and cross-pollinate.

New to "cross-pollinating" in social marketing?  You'll want to listen in!

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Growing Leads with Instagram and SnapChat

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Sue has had great successes both in online and offline business. She has been a million dollar serial entrepreneur and business builder starting at the young age of 22. Her biggest ally in business is the use of social media, specifically utilizing Instagram as her key platform.

Instagram Changes in 2016:

Instagram's evolution has recently paved the way to some new changes improving user experience.

  • It has changed its logo
  • Added an algorithm like Facebook's to show content of interest based on engagement and other factors
  • Moved to longer 60 sec video from the old 15 second videos

To date, Instagram has over 400 million active users with its demographics shifting from only youth and young adults to adding more 30-50+ year olds daily.  One thing of note is that for youth and young adults, SnapChat is now surpassing Instagram in daily active use!

Summary of the Episode:

In this episode, Sue shares her daughter's Instagram business success.

She talks about how her daughter received tremendous feedback simply by sharing her passion for her vegan journey and how that ultimately generated her business.  This simple business model was founded by posting very high quality photos on Instagram, giving value in every post, sharing recipes, creating a website with a blog, and eventually creating an e-book where she shared a link in her bio that made thousands of dollars for her.

Sue gives emphasis on merging business strategies with the main core of strategy of giving value to your followers using really great visual content.  This can be a 60 sec video, or a fab photo.

What kind of call to action will you do to drive traffic to your sales funnel?  Sue covers it!

She shares also about cross-pollinating - using one platform to drive traffic to another platform, and vice versa.  Including using SnapChat to drive traffic to Instagram, Instagram to drive to her website and more.


It is important that you put a geo-tag on your posts and put your store's physical location as it will get you 79% more engagements. When you do a "hashtag hub, geo-tag hub" people will know how to drive to your store because it shows them a map of your physical store.

Linking Strategy with Instagram bio-URL

A great bio and one content URL is also a tip as Sue calls it a  "natural sales funnel". Use a specific tracking link to each social media account when you share on that network.  Not only will this lead people to your website or a blog, but you can track ROI from that specific platform if the tracking URL is unique.

Do once a week blog post and a change the link in your Instagram bio to it.  Then, retarget from other social media platforms to drive traffic to your website's blog.

A simple way to ignite your content is to promote on Instagram thru an image and video, and the use of the bio URL space (using a trackable link) to lead followers to your sales page. Your Blog is gold so the content push is very essential and needs a "planning ahead strategy" that will consistently drive eyeballs to your posts.

Snapchat and Periscope

Snapchat and Periscope are video and livestream tools that you can use to ignite a blogpost and drive traffic to your site by doing a 'story behind the blog' and engaging with your live audience, ultimately leading them to your post.

You can announce a lesson and encourage your followers to engage and interact by leaving a comment to your post on Instagram or inviting them to message on SnapChat.

Sue creates an awesome strategy on SnapChat,  'Leave a ghost to the post and comment' on Instagram so she knows when a user came from SnapChat to Instagram and commented. Sue also makes sure to showcase a different aspect of the blog post when she shares on Snapchat, Periscope and Instagram.

How She Used Them:

She announces a Periscope lesson on Snapchat - the time of the livestream (EST), she talks about it and encourages them to attend and interact.

While she does whiteboard teaching then on Periscope.

On Email the List

Before posting a blog on social media, she makes it a point  to prioritize her email list and get the blog first to her email community because they are the most valuable customers and blog commenters for her.  She gives them the "earlybird" alerts and counts on them to start the engagement online on the blog and on social.

Interactive Strategy:

Sue does live Instagram audits by getting them to log in an opt in and lets her audience engage and be picked live. It is important to work with a team when you plan of doing this to become more efficient in your strategies of teaching and empowering to be successful.

Sue does this via Facebook and Periscope live at the same time.

One tip to do is to give a shout out to people who share your brand or story.

"When you shine the light on others, the light shines back on you."

Be Social Tip:

Have private conversations or send personal messages and people will love you back.

Embrace the process of learning and growing and discovering what social platform you love. Finding what you feel is fun to do and not painful work.  When you do what you enjoy, you do it very well!

About Sue B. Zimmerman:

My special guest this episode is Sue B Zimmerman!

Sue is a social media network ninja who believes that sometimes all it takes is a smile, a selfie, and a sunset to make people happy. Using her passion for all things social she’s built a thriving online community that is helping business owners, big and small, take charge of their social media marketing strategies.

She’s also known as #TheInstagramExpert, and has built her career empowering entrepreneurs and marketing professionals to utilize the power of Instagram to get tangible business results. As a highly sought after business coach,she’s traveled the world speaking, inspiring, and sharing her knowledge and about social media marketing.

So what’s your key takeaway from this?  What do you need to do in the next 24 hours based on listening?

Share below!

How to Grow Leads with Instagram and SnapChat Resources:

Growing Leads with Instagram and SnapChat

YouTube video
YouTube video



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