How to Find a Job as a Travel Nurse?

How to Find a Job as a Travel Nurse?

A Travel Nurse gets hired on a contract basis, which can be for weeks or months. The job role exists due to the need for more nurses in specific health camps and hospitals.  Also, getting to travel and work is a perk for other young nurses.

Contract basis employment through a travel nurse agency yields more money than a conventional nursing job. You will get many options once you engage on the portal and upload your CV. If you’re a travel nurse looking for a job, below-mentioned are a few steps you can follow to get employed and start your journey.

1. Research is the key

Every field and job requires in-depth research. You can not land your dream employment without conducting and knowing enough about the profile. Start looking for specific agencies and companies which recruit nurses. You can also opt for third-party companies that forward your profiles to other hospitals or private institutions.

Research is not a one-day task. It might require a lot of time and effort. Prepare an excel sheet listing all the agents and companies that hire nurses. Add one column which mentions contact details, and make sure you call at least 5-10 companies daily.

2. Contact a hiring agency

After preparing an excel sheet, the second step is contacting agencies. Once you get the right travel nurse agency, ask for its policy and the following steps. Many companies can fill out a form and upload a CV. If you have other queries, feel free to contact customer support.

Almost every other company has an online presence, like a well-built website that overviews the policies and brand history. You may find testimonials that enhance the credibility of the company too. 

3. Send your CV

Once you’re through with the policies and the terms, the next step is to design or update your CV and upload it on the platform. You can mail them too. Make sure you mention the slightest detail to increase the chances of hiring you as a travel nurse.

4. Highlight the terms and conditions

While looking for a contract, ensure that you also place your terms and conditions before the agency so there are fewer chances of a mishap at the eleventh hour. Be flexible but mention your terms beforehand. It allows the company to find the best fit for you.

5. The final stage of the hiring process

The final stage involves getting a host of options and choosing the one that fits your role. It might be related to a specific healthcare facility, a crisis response, and a personal nursing job. You can decide on the one at your convenience. Read the contract and terms carefully. Get in touch with the agency in case of any concerns and seal the deal.


Job Hunting as a travel nurse is simple. Instead, you might get the additional perk of traveling to different places. It is about finding the right agency and landing a great, financially beneficial job profile. Always remember no job opportunity is small, and a step could lead you toward more significant contracts.

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