How to Create an Enviable Office Atmosphere

If you spend enough time in the corporate world, you’ll come to understand that there are two types of office spaces: ones that are bleak, and ones that inspire. In the bleak offices, it feels like there’s a slim grey film covering everything; the staff are unhappy, it’s dark, it’s dated. In the inspiring offices, there’s a colorful tint to everything -- people are smiling, it’s bright, it makes you want to work there.

So which type would you like your company’s office space to be? It’s an obvious choice. Below, we take a look at a few steps that’ll push you in the right direction. Incorporate them into your office, and you might just find that yours is one where people instantly get good vibes.

How to Create an Enviable Office Atmosphere

Look At Yourself

There’s not a boss in the world who wouldn’t want their office to inspire and delight. But how many actually become like that? Not so many, and it’s not hard to see why: bosses are stressed, and though they’d like to think otherwise, they are usually the main cause for a bad atmosphere in the office. So take a look at yourself. You, after all, will have the biggest impact on the overall vibe of the place. Are you willing to reduce the size of your flaws

Hire the Right People

After you, the biggest influence on the overall tone of the office will be your employees. You could do more or less everything correct, but if you don’t have the right team of staff, then there’s not going to be a good atmosphere. If your current recruitment practices result in staff that are sometimes a hit, sometimes a miss, take a look at making some changes. There is recruitment software that can improve your hiring processes. As well as looking at the skills of the team, it’s important that you’re thinking about the cultural fit. If someone is out of sync with the culture of the company, then they won’t add to the office environment.

Supportive Cultures

Speak to enough employees about their best and worst office cultures, and they’ll typically tell you that the worst ones were too competitive; the best ways were supportive. We all need to have a little bit of healthy competition in our lives, and in the workplace with our colleagues, but it should never become toxic. The underlying culture should be one where people look out for each other.

Inspiring Spaces

Finally, let’s think about aspects other than people. If you’re going to have one of those offices with an outstanding atmosphere, then it’ll need to look and feel the part, too. This can take various forms. It’s best to avoid all those features of a typical office, and make yours more colorful and modern. There’ll be space for plants and art, too. To round off the atmosphere, look at adding incense or a scent diffuser to the office. They can help to give that calm and relaxing vibe from the moment you walk through the door. 


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