How to Choose a Animation Video Agency for Your Business?

How to Choose the Animation Video Agency for Your Business?

You require a video to promote your business. Who should you give the job to? Should you work with a production studio or a freelancer? These are common questions for many businesses. The benefits and drawbacks of working with an animation video company or agency such as MezzoLab and a freelancer are below.



Working with a freelancer is typically less expensive than working with a production firm. This is because they are an independent contractor. A freelancer is exempt from paying office rent, taxes, and staff wages and, thus, can charge less.

Low cost does not always equate to inferior product. However, if you're prepared to work with a freelancer to create a commercial, find out if the cost covers everything you had in mind.

Production company

In general, the cost of hiring a freelancer is cheaper than the budget for animation video production in production houses. The labor of professional staff, which is valued higher than that of a freelancer, as well as office and tax expenses, are the main causes of the higher price.



A freelancer's livelihood depends on how many assignments they can finish. So they often will work swiftly and inexpensively. However, you should ensure freelancers are subject to deadlines. Unexpected sickness, no electricity or internet, personal issues, or simply laziness can impact their work.

Remember that a more lucrative project can come up in the order flow, and the freelancer might start working on it before you, pushing you further down the timeline.

Production company

The project will go through a number of stages at the production studio, each of which will be decided upon by you. Often, this means the process will take a bit longer.

The production studio's staff members enjoy an 8-hour workday and two days off each week. In a calendar week, there are 7 days. This can be quite a drawback. However, the majority of studios have a number of video designers. Therefore, the project will proceed in accordance with the planned timetable even if one of them becomes ill or there is a case of force majeure.



You are mistaken if you believe that since freelancers lack a formal degree, they cannot obtain regular employment. The talent among remote employees is really strong. Most of them can give their portfolios, and one-third of them have specialized schooling.

However, there is always a chance of meeting a hacker. The film might not be of high quality, particularly if the contractor was picked on the basis of "who can do it for less money?" Therefore, thoroughly research the artist's portfolio and read evaluations of their work before selecting one. It could take a while.

Production company

The animation video agency employs professionals who adhere to specified standards. And the quality of the movie improves with employee professionalism.

Production companies cherish their customers and keep a close eye on their reputation. And for that reason, they prioritized quality. This is the first important criterion for any project at MezzoLab. The outcome will be of great quality even with a little budget.



A freelancer is not a manager; they are experts. The communication style may be impacted by this. They will not "punk" you. However, a freelancer is likely to talk more easily and casually since they are not constrained by the rules of corporate ethics.

Production company

The animation video production agency such as MezzoLab has their own set of business principles. The staff will be just as interested in the outcome as you are since they will constantly keep in mind the concept "The customer is always right." It is your responsibility to thoroughly explain the entire procedure and provide answers to any queries if you do not understand something.

The production studio's managers won't ever refuse to let you join a working meeting. Additionally, if you visit their workplace, they will always offer you a cup of coffee.

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