How London-Based Cleaning Company is Using Technology to Support Their Growth

How London-Based Cleaning Company is Using Technology to Support Their Growth

Cleaning Express is a London-based cleaning company with cleaners operating across the city. We offer domestic and commercial cleaning services, with plenty of cleaning services available. From regular, weekly cleans for domestic and commercial properties, to deep cleans, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning. We have created a list of cleaning services unmatched by any other cleaning company in London. However, we could not have made it this far without embracing technology to support business operations.

In 2022, Cleaning Express won an award at the Royal Greenwich Business Awards for Workforce Development. One of the key aspects of Cleaning Express' growth as a business has always been our staff and paying London Living Wage, which is significantly above the government minimum. Also by using technology, we have improved our services, trained our staff, and ensured the daily running of the business is smooth. Here is how we have used technology to support our growth over the years.

Digitalizing our cleaner's schedules

We use advanced scheduling software to help our cleaners keep track of all of their work. Each cleaner can clearly see their schedules mapped out in the software, making it really easy for them to know which cleaning jobs they have on any given day.

Our head office staff also use this software to give out the cleaning jobs to our cleaners. The software is vital for this operation. It ensures no cleaning appointments are double-booked or missed. It also means that if a cleaner calls in sick, the head office staff can quickly transfer their jobs over to another cleaner who has time and availability for the appointment. This software alone has helped the company massively. It is an excellent way for everyone to keep track of appointments, scheduling conflicts, sickness issues, and more.

GPS tracking keeps our commercial cleaning customers in the know

As we operate commercial cleaning services throughout London, we need to keep track of our cleaners while they move around the city. This allows us to notify our customers of our cleaner's arrival and to let them know if they are running late. GPS technology helps to support our workers and offer better service.

The advanced GPS tracking software that Cleaning Express uses is also fantastic for guiding our cleaners to places they haven't been to before. If they get lost, the cleaner can simply call head office, and we can guide them via the GPS signal. This has ensured more cleaning appointments have been completed within the time frame and kept our customers happy and in the know.

Online training courses for all our cleaners

Even since Cleaning Express started in 2015, our mission has been to provide the best cleaning services in London. To do this, we needed a workforce that was passionate, hard-working, and knew how to clean. The passion for working hard isn't something we can create using technology. Still, we can certainly train our cleaners to clean more effectively with technology.

We have developed a 26-video online training course for all of our cleaners. This training course goes into every detail and every aspect of the cleaning they will be doing daily. Even someone with minimal cleaning experience can take our course and know how to handle most situations they will come across. New starters also shadow more experienced cleaners for the first month or so to ensure they are ready to clean the Cleaning Express way.

Specialist feedback software helps us monitor our staff's performance

Feedback from our cleaning customers is really important to us. It helps us learn and evolve as a cleaning business. In fact, some of our cleaning services have been recommended to us via feedback from our customers.

So, we use specialized feedback software that is open to all of our customers. This helps keep track of how our call centre staff are doing, as well as our cleaners. This really helps us to make improvements to our services whenever needed, and reward any of our staff for excellent work.

An all-in-one app for our cleaners

Lastly, we have the app that runs the whole of Cleaning Express. This app allows our cleaners to view their schedules in the scheduling software we mentioned. They can also look at open cleaning jobs and choose to claim them. They can clock in and out of cleaning jobs on the app and contact head office directly from the app if they have any questions or are running late.

This app has become the backbone of our business. It allows us to schedule cleaners for training programs, monitors their work schedules, and keep track of their work. Everything is neatly in one place for our cleaners and head office staff. This app saves time, confusion, and headaches from miscommunication and is vital to Cleaning Express.

In conclusion

Without technology, Cleaning Express would not have developed into the award-winning cleaning company it is today. By utilizing technology to support our business, we have streamlined many of our operations and procedures. This ensures our customers know of any changes to the schedule quicker, our cleaners can contact us easier, and they have access to the best cleaning training possible. And these are just some of the ways Cleaning Express has used to grow our business using top-of-the-line technology.

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