How Interactive Displays Drive Returns at Trade Shows

How Interactive Displays Drive Returns at Trade Shows

Businesses return to trade shows and conventions three years after the pandemic shut down in-person meetings. But what does it look like now?

Interactive display booths, like those at companies like Infinity Exhibits, generate leads and engage attendees. Learn more about the benefits of incorporating interactive displays into your booth design.

Interactive Displays Increase Engagement

To engage time-starved attendees, exhibitors are utilizing interactive displays in their booths. Personalized connections with potential customers and the delivery of valuable information are key to achieving long-term success in trade shows.

Mobile event applications are another popular way for businesses to interact with attendees. They can collect various information, from contact information to real-time polling and product feedback. These apps can also help businesses track engagement with their exhibits and follow up with potential leads after the event.

Video wall technology is one of the most immersive ways to enhance a trade show display. It allows businesses to create a larger-than-life experience with videos, pictures, and more. Many exhibitors use these screens to communicate their brand and offer product demos. They can even turn their booth into a virtual reality experience to wow attendees and drive ROI.

They Build Trust

An engaging and memorable brand experience at trade shows can help build attendees' trust. During the show, have your staff engage in meaningful conversations with attendees, asking open-ended questions to learn more about their needs and concerns. This lets you connect personally with attendees, making them more likely to remember your brand.

When the other 99 booths in your area deliver company, product, and solution information via a brochure or passive signage, your interactive display can captivate the audience's attention and make a memorable impression. Modern event technology allows you to present dynamic and engaging content that engages visitors, connects them with your brand, and provides real-time access to relevant information.

Promptly follow up with leads after the show to nurture relationships and turn prospects into sales or business partnerships. This will keep your brand top-of-mind and demonstrate your professionalism. Assess the effectiveness of your strategies, messaging, and booth design by identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Use these insights to improve your future event plans.

They Engage Attendees

Incorporating technology, games, and interactive display booths like what you can find at is a great way to engage attendees. This can include anything from touchscreen iPads to full-size LED video walls that transform your exhibit into a truly immersive experience. These trade show interactives give your brand a competitive edge that sets it apart from the typical brochures and product spec sheets that will likely get lost in the crowd of information attendees receive at other exhibitors' booths.

Live demonstrations are another great way to engage attendees and showcase your products or services. This should be announced and promoted on social media to attract attention and drive attendees to your booth.

Beware of using giveaways as the sole marketing method for your business at a trade show, though. While complimentary gifts may draw in some visitors, it is important to focus on attracting and qualifying qualified leads that can convert into long-term business relationships.

They Create a Memorable Experience

Whether a simple game or an immersive experience, trade show interactives help attendees remember and connect with your brand. By combining elements like emotional engagement, active participation, storytelling, multi-sensory stimulation, and uniqueness, interactive technologies elevate your booth and leave a lasting impression.

In addition, using an interactive display in your booth can be a great way to capture valuable customer data. Many interactive experiences include lead-capture forms that allow you to collect leads and follow up with them post-show.

After spending the day hearing sales pitches and reading distributed materials, today's tech-savvy audience needs something fun and engaging to get them to your booth. Interactive video displays, such as Nimlok's giant 1080p Wave interactive touch panel media player display or the InTouch interactive table, can be a surefire attention-grabber and bring your booth to life. They also offer the opportunity to showcase your brand in a whole new way. This is a must-have for exhibitors looking to stand out from the crowd and attract more visitors.

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