5 Best Video Storytelling Examples In 2022

 Video Storytelling Examples

In the past few decades, the use of video in marketing has witnessed a surge like nothing else. Product, service, idea, awareness message, no matter what you pick, there's nothing that cannot be endorsed or propagated through a video.

The best thing? It works every time!

Video has got everything to touch the heartstrings of individuals. It has that emotional aspect that connects to your target audience deep down and keeps them intrigued throughout, all thanks to great storytelling.

We all know stories have been a part of our lives since primitive times. What we now convey through words was once conveyed through images. And thanks to our ancestors, we are still more accustomed to images than words!

Research shows that the human mind understands visuals 60000 times faster than words, with an attention span of less than 8 seconds, making visual mediums more effective, and important!

That said, the following are 5 best video storytelling examples you can get inspired from in 2022:

Video storytelling examples to look up in 2022

Before we get into the list, it's important to mention that storytelling in marketing is a bit different from its conventional meaning. It's all about making a script that resonates with your brand and promotes your service or product while fully connecting to the target audience. The below-given videos are a perfect example of all the things we just mentioned: 

  • Freighty explainer video

One of the best qualities of compelling visual storytelling is that the audience gets the message without needing voiceover. Where this explainer conveniently uses both, the thing that makes it unique is the clear, concise, and exciting visuals.

From start to finish, the animation of the video complements the whole dialogue but is not really dependable on it. In fact, you even get to understand the little joke they throw in the video without actually having to listen, which is pretty much everything visual storytelling is about.

No surprise, it's at the top of our list!

  • Nansen- Cryptocurrency Fintech Explainer Video

This video is another excellent example of gripping visual storytelling. Made by the folks at Kasra Design, this explainer video uses 3D animation with a touch of abstraction. Where the mix of 2.5D animation & 3D immerses the audience fully in the video, it also makes the video highly relatable on voiceover.

It is a very well-made video given that the video itself is about cryptocurrency, which is a difficult topic to explain through plain imagery due to its complexity. The video breaks down the subject topic easily and makes it interesting for even an unfamiliar eye.

Easily one of the best examples of visual storytelling.

  • Sealed: Make Yourself At Home

One of the most prominent qualities of a great marketing video is to translate the literal feelings and problems of the target audience into imagery. And this is what the aforementioned title is all about- to intrigue the audience with visual storytelling that embodies their every problem.

The video begins with a very crisp intro that quickly moves to the problem and explains it just how people experience it, however, with captivating animation.

There are two things the video achieves here. First, the intro set a perfect ground to introduce the solution. Second, it keeps the audience hooked through powerful visuals.

That's among the many reasons that even the long-stretched length of the video isn't a problem, and why it has garnered over 5 million views by now!

  • Smiths detection- Corsys

Simple and smooth, this explainer is an excellent example of why you don't have to over-animate to convey your message. Moreover, how a good script can turn the most boring concepts into a great story.

The video follows the conventional persuasion strategy, which includes awareness, problem, and solution. However, what keeps the audience gripped are the simple, self-explanatory visuals that accompany the dialogue. Plus, their smooth transition from one structure to another.

Even though 2 minutes length is considered the absolute maximum in video marketing, the excellent flow of the video won't even let you feel it!

  • Docusign

DocuSign's explainer takes an interesting take on storytelling and makes it more engaging by making the consumer the story's protagonist. They begin directly by touching the tingling spots of their audience and describe the main problem in the first few seconds, which is basically signing paperwork physically!

Afterward, the video dives into the details and tells the viewers what's wrong with the practice and how it is outdated in the digital age. After stressing about the problem, the video moves toward the solution and how it will revolutionize how the paperwork is done.

For example, it gives the viewers a glimpse of what true freedom feels like and how easy life can be when "you don't have to visit the bank every now and then," a world where you can sign and send documents to the concerned place from any part of the world.

Great, right? Well, that's how you make a great marketing video with effective visual storytelling.

Importance of storytelling in a video

First, a video is not a video if it doesn't follow a story; it's just a clip. Second, you cannot retain the audience's attention without touching their emotions. You must give them something they can connect to, something that they can feel, something like a great story!

According to the latest statistics, storytelling can boost your conversions by 30%, with 44% of the audience instantly sharing a story-driven video and 55% more likely to buy a product in the future. Not to mention, it boosts your brand presence like nothing else!

There's no marketing without a story.


Pick up any marketing book, and you will find one thing common among all: the use of story! However, where conventional copywriting tells stories in words, videos accompany it with visuals, doubling its impact. In other words, if words intrigue them, visuals totally immerse them.

In a world where the attention span of individuals is already shrinking, the use of visual storytelling is becoming more popular than ever before. Besides, people love visual content. So that's just another bonus at your hands.

That said, In this article, we went through some of the best examples of visual storytelling that you can get inspiration from for your upcoming project. Moreover, we also went through all the qualities that make each piece special. We hope this article was helpful. See you with another one. Good luck!

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