How Do You Explain A DUI To A Potential Employer?

Explain A DUI To A Potential Employer

Of course, the motto "no one is perfect" still rings true in our lives. Particularly if you've had firsthand experience dealing with such mistakes as committing a crime. Often DUI attorneys could help you win the case and prevent you from punishment. However, it would not change the reality that others have forgotten. In this case, despite starting anew, you would still have to open up about this as soon as you talk with a potential employer. Yet how or where do you even start?

Clarify the case

Unless you're working in a law firm, the possibility is that your potential employer has no idea regarding the nature of the case. Therefore, they may come up with a few assumptions that could stain their perception of you. Often this is both as an individual and employee.

At this point, clarify to yourself that an accusation of a DUI offense doesn't necessarily mean that you will get a conviction.

If they arrest you with no conviction and you know that there's no chance that it would show up in your criminal record. This means you do not need to disclose the matter to your future potential employer.

On the contrary, if you're currently employed, then initiating the discussion would be a practical option for your case. Especially since there may be instances that you'd have to leave work to attend court hearings.

For the sake of professionalism, your employer would need to know the reason behind your request. We recommend not to resort to white lies either. This will likely only bring you more trouble in the future once your employer finds out the truth later on.

How do I start?

Suppose that you're in a position where you're looking for work, and you feel like your DUI offense automatically disqualifies you. Know that it's not always the case.

Many employers are willing to take on employees who had a criminal history. This is as long as they could fulfill the job's responsibilities. Additionally, various surveys show that employers don't generally discourage applicants with criminal offenses.

Fortunately, you could explain your side honestly with the help of a letter of DUI explanation. Including information about the DUI school you went through or the complete treatment center. This emphasizes the change in your perspective after the DUI experience. You can get help from Harrisburg DUI Attorneys in creating your DUI explanation.

It might be a good idea to attach a sample of criminal rehabilitation to provide documentation and support the credibility of your statement.

You could even mention if you perform any volunteer work or community service. Elaborate on how you were able to give back to the community since your DUI offense.

Above all, please don't discuss the topic unless your interviewer brings it up first. There's always the potential that they've already seen the records and went ahead in calling you in for the position. This means they likely decide your DUI case was irrelevant.

Is there another way?

It may be devastating to think of having to carry the burden of your previous offense. However, the good news is that you're able to expunge it from your criminal history.

Expunging a DUI means that they remove it from the records. Thereby, giving you the peace of mind of not having to disclose it with potential employers. However, this could only be done once you've served all probation and penalties. So, it's still best to approach your DUI lawyer to help you in making this a reality.

Don't forget, though, that the best way to not stress about this subject is to not put a DUI in your record in the first place. If you've been lucky to meet an attorney who was able to downgrade your DUI into a less severe crime or drop the charges, thank them for not repeating the same mistake.

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