How Database Marketing is Changing the Way Companies Run Their Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Database Marketing is Changing the Way Companies Run Their Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Are you a business owner in search of his/her lucky break in the field of digital marketing? Keeping the current trends of online marketing in mind, your best chances are to try an organized social media marketing approach. Optimized social media marketing ensures companies have access to customer information beyond a simple name and contact number. Databases have evolved beyond the simple RDBMS they used to be. Right now, they are nothing short of vast networks of customer behavior data. This includes customer history, email exchange records, contact details, and a lot more. Databases are now both expansive and expensive.

Big data and databases that hold them

The constant influx of large amounts of big data is making the constant upkeep of databases necessary. The job of database managers and data scientists from software engineering company like JatApp is constantly evolving. It is becoming a little more complex with each passing day. Every company with an online presence now requires the aid of a DBA. However, does that mean e-commerce sites need to appoint senior DBAs and in-house data engineers, even if it is beyond their means? Why should you, especially when you have the option of appointing remote database administrator assistance? They provide the same services in-house DBAs, and they charge a lot less in comparison. They help with regular maintenance, management, and update of these complex cloud database structures that keep a company running.

How is database-driven social media marketing helping companies?

You need databases to create a massive collection of actionable data about your customers. Your database will provide all the knowledge your company needs to create useful customer profiles. This will also help you predict their future behavior on your site. All the information should make your marketing approach more specific to certain groups of prospective buyers. Based on user groups, your marketing team can target specific users on social media for targeted advertisements. This approach ensures you reach audiences who genuinely care about your content. This makes advertising more cost-effective than your regular CPC or PPC ad campaigns.

Driving high-ROI based marketing techniques

The power of social media user data enables marketing experts and database managers to create a new world of useful data. This data enables companies to create high ROI-based marketing campaigns. This is the primary reason the line between social media marketing and database marketing is becoming less prominent with each passing day. However, that does not imply that simply collecting the data will give your company the necessary edge.

You need to utilize the data in your efforts to extend personalized content to each user. For example – based on user buying habits and past transactions, create your email marketing strategy. Sending promotional offers and introductory offers to old users as per their choice of products can increase customer retention. It also helps improve your site’s CTR. All these efforts converge with one aim, the increase of conversion rate. This is only possible with the fine-tuning of data about customers from the database.

Providing what your customer wants

Each minute huge volume of data is flowing in from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram accounts of your users. They are sharing what they like about your products and what they think could use improvement. They are sharing their buying experiences and their interactions with customer care services. Without listening to their rants, it will be impossible for you to know which aspects of your site need improvement and which users need guidance. Social media listening tools like Hootsuite have been helping marketers for quite a few years. But without the right kind of database to store the collected information, the listening approach can be quite fruitless.

Your company needs a new database that resides in the clouds. It should be far away from the threats of hackers and malware attacks. A secure cloud is the first thing your paying customer wants to keep their data safe. Especially if your website supports online payments. It is crucial to invest in proper encryption and firewalls for your cloud database. Modern databases might offer 24×7 remote accesses, but each access point requires multiple authentications for entry into the database. This is how a customer database and social marketing database should ideally look like.

Final words

The architecture of a modern social media marketing database is inherently complex. However, that does not make up for the security aspects. The ideal social media marketing database needs to be flexible, scalable, and secure. It should also be remotely accessible to all the users with the necessary authentication. But, most importantly, it should make finding the right target groups easier for all the social media marketing groups out there.

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