How Can Luxury Brands Benefit From Radio Ads?

How Can Luxury Brands Benefit From Radio Ads?

Luxury brands advertise their products and services to assure the target customers of prestige and class. The voice that high-end brand advertising uses must reflect the values adherent to rich people interested in buying. Due to that, the campaigns are present in various media channels that those customers use daily, including radio ads.

One of the golden rules of fashion is that the trends always come back. However, does it also apply to marketing? Surprisingly, in this case, yes. Radio ads, which used to be the top marketing strategy years ago, have recently started to be a valuable tool to generate high sales again.

Even though the digital transformation made a significant change in how luxury brands construct their marketing campaigns, enriching the social media strategy with audio marketing can help the business grow and reach out to the customers interested in the luxury products.

Emotional Response

One of the best practices for radio ad campaigns is to get to the emotions of the listeners. The power of sound is tremendous. From this we deduct how we feel when we listen to music. That's why voices and sounds that we hear evoke a certain feeling in the listener. By utilizing this you can create an incentive to purchase a luxury product.

However, high-end industry marketing vary from middle-budget campaigns. As such luxury brands need to be cautious when creating an audio ad and work on their content thoughtfully. An audio ad should last up to one minute, so it’s crucial to create it in a coherent way that represents higher class values.

A luxury brand aims to build a branding strategy adherent to a consumer who is ready to spend a lot of money. Hence, an agency should create an elegant ad. It should provide the listeners with noninvasive content that gives them an image of prestige. The way in which luxury products are advertised should guarantee a high-quality experience while listening.

Audio Popularity

Even though we no longer listen to the traditional radio stations (at least not to such an extent), online platforms like Spotify gather vast audiences who listen to music, various radio stations, and podcasts. According to the statistics, Spotify gathered 28 million subscribers in the US in 2019. This offers a vast ad audience for your brand. Moreover, it reaches consumers globally.

Additionally, as podcasts are more and more popular, they stand as a perfect ground for a luxury brand to present their products and image. People engaged in fashion are willing to listen to fashion podcasts that provide them with valuable information about new fashion trends and the whole fashion industry.

Listening to such a podcast requires one to be focused on what's being said by the speaker. Hence, if a customer is concentrated on the broadcast content, the information about the product also comes to them more naturally. Therefore evokes an instant need for purchase.

Traditional Ads Channels

The target customer of a luxury product often uses different media channels. So, luxury brands each spend a lot of money advertising in traditional media. Of course, a social media campaign is equally crucial. But, it doesn't mean that luxury brands should resign from advertising in fashion magazines or radio.

In fact, advertising luxury goods in print covers almost half of the budget for a brand's whole marketing. It's crucial to reach the target market, and, as research shows, the market is still willing to use traditional media channels.

That's another reason for a luxury brand not to abandon radio. While optimizing the ads, it's vital to identify which stations are the most common choice of the customers you wish to reach. If your business is about fashion accessories and design, research the top stations listened to by people with those interests. It's one of the most significant benefits of radio advertising, as the audience is targeted in terms of demography and community to a great extent. It works in the same way as in print. Magazines about fashion are read by those ready to spend money on the goods they're interested in.


Even though the new digital channels have emerged, luxury brands' advertising has its own rules. If you wish to generate sales and build a brand image that fits your vision, consider audio advertising.

Add the fact that radio ads are affordable to create if you compared to video. You don't need to put a lot of money into their production, what's of greatest importance is their content and the values they represent. You can create a personalized emotional response to what your company wants to represent and give voice, literally and metaphorically, to your brand.

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