Grow Your Business With These TikTok Marketing Strategies

When two Chinese tech companies merged in 2018, the world didn’t know what lay ahead. Soon an app that took the world by storm came to life, named TikTok. At the time, there was a big vacuum in social media that existed. It was something that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter couldn’t fill. Thus, attracting a vast population of young people to use their apps on an everyday basis.

That’s where TikTok found its home. The interactive user interface primarily focused on videos and editing features has given the young a new favorite social media app that has reached around one billion users. As a matter of fact, TikTok was the highest non-gamer app. With a download count at around 400 million in the first six months of 2021 only. And even though TikTok garners a relatively young audience (mainly 15-26-year-olds), TikTok has established itself as a reckoning force in social media. It has even started attracting businesses that want to market products to its users. This is why TikTok marketing strategies are now important.

Grow Your Business With These TikTok Marketing Strategies

If you own a business and wonder how to get TikTok followers for your account in order to grow your TikTok presence further and showcase your brand to your target audience, read below. Learn the three essential TikTok marketing strategies that can help you achieve that.

Use Effects In Your Videos

One of the best things about TikTok is actually its comprehensive library of various visual effects. And you may think that video effects are unrelated to marketing. However, in reality, they are a powerful tool for gaining more views on your profile.

Here’s the main thing with video effects. When you see a video with an exciting effect, you can always click on the effect and get redirected to different videos that have the same effect. So once they see engaging thumbnails, many TikTokers find themselves on other videos in the collection. All entirely out of curiosity.

So if you can get your brand’s video on one of these discover pages, they can increase their views count by this method. As a matter of fact, many of these visual effects are pretty eye-catching on their own. So, add them to your videos and watch your views grow.

Regularly Engage With Other TikTok Users

Although going viral on this social media platform usually happens out of nowhere and is pure coincidence, TikTok is no different from the other social media platforms when engaging with potential followers and future customers of your brand.

In that context, if you make a profound effort to connect with other TikTok users, you’ll have an easier path to building a substantial following for your brand. However, if you’re struggling in your efforts to gain traction on your profile, you can always try some of the following engagement techniques in your TikTok marketing strategies:

  • Make sure to follow more TikTok users, particularly distinguished content creators and celebrities.
  • Leave interesting, unique, or funny comments and emojis on other videos.
  • Stitch other videos, and encourage your followers to stitch yours.
  • Create a TikTok trend, or recreate a previous trend started by another account.
  • When appropriate, regularly tag users in your videos and comments.

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Use Different Types Of Ads In Your Marketing Campaigns

Your business can significantly benefit from TikTok’s different advertising options. The advertising methods include in-feed apps, top-view ads, brand takeovers, and managed ads.

  • In-feed ads are the conventional format for advertising. These ads are approximately 15-60 seconds long. Users are free to engage in different ways (liking, commenting, following, and recording them). As a result of TikTok’s “Call to Action” button, you can redirect traffic to your web page or any other link that helps you.
  • The Top-view ads are the ones that come up when you launch the app. These are prime-time ads. As such, they are usually one minute long. They are perfect for getting attention to your business. They also enable a much higher reach than other ads.
  • Brand takeovers are very good for getting your brand onto a full-screen, motionless exhibit. They allow you to produce high-quality content with significant effect, similar to the top-view ads. They differ primarily because potential customers cannot like or comment on your brand takeover ads. There’s a similarity with Youtube’s bumper ads, especially in length. They tend to last no longer than 5 seconds.
  • Managed ads are a bit more advanced. The best way to get started is to contact a TikTok sales representative. They will enable you access to further options.

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Final Thoughts

As a relatively new and massively popular social media platform, TikTok is definitely here to stay. So, if you want to grow your business and stay ahead of your competitors, use these TikTok marketing strategies. They'll enable you to get your products into the TikTok universe. Thus, get them close to millions of young people worldwide. Facebook and Instagram are still the most popular. However, it would be wise to get your marketing team to work on your TikTok business profile as soon as possible.

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