Great Social Media Content Providers 2014

Great Blogs. Great Resources.  Great People.

Great Blogs. Great Resources. Great People.

Just wanted to share a quick post to my community to recommend these three blogs to you!  Social Media Examiner recently published the winners of their "Top 10 2014 Social Media Blogs" contest and I'm thrilled to have three friends on the list.  If you need resources, these are three blogs to sign-up to get for sure!

More than just great blogs, these are great guys.  I've had the honor to connect with each of these fine fellows in person at events like Social Media Marketing World, Content Marketing World, and New Media Expo, and knowing them online and offline, I am blessed to call them friends.

What they all have in common is:

  • No hype
  • Consistently delivering great content
  • Using social media well to enhance their blogs
  • Genuinely helpful guys who practice "Youtility"
  • Professionals that continually learn and share

So, just wanted to give a shout-out to these guys and make sure all my readers check them out!  Here's a quick snapshot of their special focus areas:

jonloomerJon Loomer

Jon Loomer is simply a #1 "go to" resource for detailed educational content on Facebook Ads, Facebook's Graph Search, and higher level Facebook marketing.


ianclearyIan Cleary

RazorSocial does a tremendous job outlining the best of social media tools and technology with well-illustrated, detailed posts.  Ian is also a SEO master and offers great tips for getting found online.  Ian can save you time, make you more efficient, and help you rise in search rankings.


joshuaJoshua Parkinson

Josh is the founder and chief at Post Planner.  I've worked with Josh on guest posts of mine that have appeared on his site, and he knows his stuff!  He's compiled a great team of writers with folks like Scott Ayres, Aaron Lee, and Pat Parkinson that continually deliver great information.

Post Planner provides, as Social Media Examiner notes, a witty yet intelligent and actionable collection of easily consumable Facebook marketing posts!

So make sure you check these guys out and sign-up to get their posts!  Maybe someday I can join them on this list!



Image credits: screenshots from Social Media Examiner Blog

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