Business Blogging Success Tips with Ian Cleary


Is your business considering a blog or resource center?

Do you have a blog that is not performing and wondering how to ramp it up for better results?

Listen in on this Halftime Mike Podcast episode where Mike interviews Ian Cleary and uncovers keys to business blogging success!

In This Episode: Business Blogging Success with Ian Cleary

In this episode I interview tech tool guru Ian Cleary of Razor Social.  We dig into Blogging for Business and the keys for any small business wanting to grow a greater presence online.

Ian will be a speaker at the Doable Social Summit with Mike online this September. Ian hails from Dublin, Ireland, and is a frequent speaker at some of the largest social media events around the world. His blog was named a top 10 winner of best Social Media blogs by Social Media Examiner the past 2 years!

Listen in on this episode with Ian and leave with my promise: Practical and doable tips to help you in your business!

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Topics Covered:

  • Ian's story of blog growth with
  • A key mistake to avoid in business blogging
  • How and why content is so critical in online marketing and SEO ranking
  • 3 Top Keys for businesses wanting to grow their traffic and presence online (hint competitor research with a site called Buzzsumo is included)
  • Tips for what to do after a new post goes live
  • How to collaborate with industry leaders to increase amplification of a post
  • 1 new tool that Ian recommends (hint: it helps you grow your email list!)

 Podcast Episode Resource Links:

See Ian's topic and the rest of our featured speakers for the Doable Social Summit in September at the Doable Social Summit Speakers.



Ian Reveals What's Behind the Hat:

YouTube video

Next Doable Task:

It’s always about taking away learnings and applying them!  What’s your key takeaway that you need to do in the next 24 hours based on listening to this?
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If you enjoyed this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast, please “go over to iTunes, leave a rating, write a review and subscribe.

This is VERY much appreciated!

Why the Halftime theme Mike?

I’m a Indiana Hoosier native where basketball is the top sport. Every team heads to the locker room at halftime to evaluate the first half and create a updated plan for the second half. That plan includes adjustments based on reviewing what worked and what didn’t.

The “halftime” is a key review point where the game stops, the team pulls away to huddle in the locker room away from the fans, and they come out prepared and ready to succeed in the second half.
That’s what this podcast is all about, taking the time to pull away for bit to evaluate, learn, and set some strategies for your business to succeed in the second half. Join me by subscribing and let me be your “business halftime” to help you find great success going forward!
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