Get striking images for graphics on

Get striking images for graphics on

Social media is becoming the lifeblood for many marketing campaigns today, with small and medium sized businesses utilizing these channels to engage more and more with their customer base.

There's nothing quite as effective as making a personal connection with a customer in order to generate leads, create brand evangelists, and build brand credibility.

One aspect of social media marketing that holds businesses back is the amount of visual media needed to stand out in the crowd.

When a business first starts up or is in the early years with a small team and many roles to fill, they may not be able to create their own images and photos due to a lack of time or resources. Instead of falling behind competitors who have in-house resources, there are other options! One is to consider using the striking images for graphics found on

Foap - What it is

FOAP is a graphics resource that specializes in photography and other visual media for social media channels. Companies avoid the overhead of managing a freelance photographer or setting up their own in-house talent. Instead, they pay a licensing fee that covers photo editing, unlimited web usage, and other rights.

The flip side of FOAP is that the photos come from users just like you! So if you're interested in a place to share your photos so that businesses might purchase your photo to use, this is the place.

Wondering how to use these resources in social media marketing?

Here's a few ideas:

  • Illustrating content posts.

Companies spend a lot of time and effort in their post text, but a picture says 1,000 words. Adding graphics to content posts helps draw followers' eyes and attract their attention. Breaking up longer text posts with visuals also helps keep readers engaged with the post. Try to add at least 2-3 images per blog post.

  • Creating viral appeal and shareability.

Companies have only a few seconds to cut through the signal to noise ratio that exists on the Internet. A picture grabs attention immediately and is more appealing when it comes to social media shares. There's no guarantee that a post will go viral, but when it's loaded with relevant images, a company can significantly increase their chances of success.

  • Fleshing out profiles.

Facebook cover pages, Twitter backgrounds, and other social media profiles require images to create a complete Internet presence. Instead of leaving a half-finished profile, utilizing quality graphics from helps to build trust in readers and create consistent branding across the company's profiles.

  • Providing step by step illustrations.

How-to guides help potential and current customers understand how to use a company's product to make their lives better, but a list of text directions doesn't always provide a clear picture for readers to follow. Adding images to each of the steps helps produce a better guide and more informed customers.

Visual content is a must in today's marketing and using eliminates the need to spend a significant amount of time managing photographer talent.

Companies pick the images they need for their social media marketing and implement it quickly. The wide range of categories helps a company find the image it needs, whether they're posting about para sailing or paralegals!

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