Facebook Page Checklist - 11 Items to Audit on your Fan Page

facebook-changeFacebook changes things often and quickly.

Six months is a massive time period in the Facebook ecosystem!  Page Managers must stay current, keep up, and adjust with the changes Facebook makes.

For those folks that change and adapt, new features can add value and make a meaningful difference in your marketing!

Below is the start of my 11 Items to Check on your Facebook Page that was published by Social Media Examiner.  I've compiled key items that have changed and which should be reviewed.  I've done the work so you can just go through the list and audit your page!  Click to view the FULL checklist!


#1: Maximize Your Page Cover Image

Facebook recently updated its guidelines and loosened the restrictions on what you can display on your main Page cover image. (View updated Facebook Guidelines.) This prime location now lets you display your web address, a call to action and more.

The key is that text cannot exceed 20% of the cover image area.

Facebook now allows creative uses of the timeline cover image.

Additional check-list items:

#2: Evaluate Your Profile Image

#3: Review Your Tab Thumbnails

#4: Maximize Use of Tab Apps

See More!  #5 - #11 are all on Social Media Examiner with screenshots and details!


Click to see full audit list on Social Media Examiner!

Click to see full audit list on Social Media Examiner!


I contribute to Social Media Examiner as a guest blogger and you can view my posts here: Mike's Social Media Examiner Posts.


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