Exploring pdfFiller: A Comprehensive Overview of Features, Uses, and Benefits

Exploring pdfFiller: A Comprehensive Overview of Features, Uses, and Benefits

pdfFiller is a versatile cloud-based PDF editor that provides an all-in-one solution for working with PDF documents. Users can easily create, edit, sign, share, and manage PDFs using any internet-capable device. The pdfFiller online platform allows for extensive collaboration on documents and streamlines document workflows across teams and organizations. Some of the key features of pdfFiller include the following:

Drag and drop PDF uploading and converting

Easily upload PDFs from your computer or drag and drop files to convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and images to PDF. This allows users to quickly bring existing documents into pdfFiller for editing and sharing. It supports multiple file types for conversion to PDF including Microsoft Office files, images, and more.

Robust PDF editing tools

Annotate, highlight, strikethrough text, add stickers, draw shapes, insert text boxes, and more. The editing tools allow users to mark up PDFs, make revisions, fill out forms, and customize documents. Users have a wide selection of annotation options like highlighters, sticky notes, stamps, shapes, and the ability to add freehand drawings.

Fillable forms

Turn any PDF into a fillable form by adding interactive fields like text boxes, checkboxes, dropdowns, and signature fields with pdfFiller. Transform plain PDFs into intelligent forms that allow data entry with just a few clicks. Form fields accurately detect handwriting and convert it to text as well.

Templates and Sample Documents

Access a library of templates and sample documents to help create professional PDFs. The template library contains thousands of ready-to-use, professionally designed documents covering a wide range of personal and business needs. Users can customize templates before sending out documents.


Apply legally-binding eSignatures and request signatures from others with pdfFiller. Legally valid eSignatures make it easy to sign documents and get signatures from clients, employees, partners without printing or scanning. Signatures include date/time stamps and records of who signed.

Document Management

Organize documents into folders and apply permissions to restrict access. Documents can be securely stored in the cloud and users have options to organize them into folders. Access controls allow setting view/edit permissions.


Convert scanned PDFs into selectable and searchable text. The OCR engine can take low-quality scanned docs and transform them into digital text. This allows users to edit and search scanned documents.  It’s a valuable feature for keeping documents in the cloud and easily accessible.

Mobile Apps

Edit, sign, and share PDFs on iOS and Android devices. Mobile apps provide document access and editing on phones and tablets when on the go. The apps have the core pdfFiller features for markup, signing, and collaboration.

Premium Features

pdfFiller offers premium plans that unlock additional powerful features for documents and eSignatures. The premium plans provide tools for workflows, security, branding, payments, and more. Some of the key premium features include:

signNow integration

Send documents out to be signed using signNow with the integrated eSignature workflows allowing sending of pdfFiller documents to be signed with signNow. Workflows can be configured with advanced routing rules and authentication options.

Send pdfFiller documents and templates out for signing and create complex e‐signature workflows without ever leaving your pdfFiller account. The built-in integration with signNow enables complex workflows all within pdfFiller like multi-recipient signing in sequence/parallel with email reminders and expirations.

US Legal Forms Access 

US Legal Forms Library gives you access to the largest online library of legal forms and form packages. Furthermore, US Legal Forms provides users with over 85,000 state-specific forms for personal and business needs that are created and updated by legal professionals.

Advanced fields

Additional field options like formulas, cascading selections, and conditional logic to create smart forms and calculated documents.

Personal Branding

Apply company logos, colors, and custom branding to templates and documents.

Collect Payments

Accept credit card payments from recipients upon form submission.


Allow recipients to upload files along with completed documents.

Role-based advanced workflows

Configure multi-step approvals, notifications, and expirations based on signer roles.

Advanced recipient authentication

Require SMS, Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA), or Phone authentication for signers to enhance security.

Receive Faxes

Get a dedicated fax number to receive submitted documents as fax-to-PDF for $9.99/month.


With prices starting at $8 per month pdfFiller is a robust PDF tool that enables personal and business users to have a full suite of powerful tools to complete any task necessary with digital documents.

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