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PDFs are one of the most common document types found online. However, while saving documents as PDFs and reading PDF files is easy on your computer, signing these files can present an issue. We want to move beyond fax machines and the need to download, print, scan, and email, to simply sign and send. With several different PDF software platforms on the market (both free and for sale) it can be a challenge finding the features you need. PDFfiller takes the guesswork out of editing and signing PDF files.

How PDFfiller Makes Using PDFs Easier

A common issue with PDFs is how you interact with them. This isn’t so much a user problem as a software problem. PDFfiller works with PDF files to allow access and editing for your PDF files easily. It features:

Online Editor

While PDFs are often used for documents that don’t require editing (such as ebooks) there are many PDFs that are designed to be filled out, edited, and signed. PDFs can be hard to edit because while there is an assortment of different PDF readers not all of them offer the same usability. Some are read-only and others allow editing but may not allow signatures. This lack of conformity makes using PDFs more frustrating than it should be.

PDFfiller offers online editing tools so you can interact with your PDF files and write text much like you would with document software. PDFfiller also allows specific types of edits like blacking out text, highlighting text, erasing information and adding pictures or drawings.

Cloud Storage Platform

Document access is an important part of the modern business world with laptops, tablets, and smartphones all used in business. The last thing you want is to be missing an important document because it's saved to the wrong device. PDFfiller lets you upload documents, edit, and sign them from any type of device. Once they’re in the cloud you don’t have to worry about locating files or hard copies.

Signature Request Manager

PDFs are often used for legal documents, contracts, binding agreements, official documents, and so on. They are meant to be signed by the recipient. This creates a problem because your PDF reader may not properly load the interactive field you’re supposed to sign. To work around this many people print the PDF as a hard copy, sign it manually, and rescan it as a PDF. This takes time and wastes resources. With PDFfiller you can sign the uploaded form easily using a signature, a stamp, a photo, or a typed signature.


PDFs aren’t going away anytime soon and with mobile technology improving every year they will continue to be an important part of communication. This increased mobility also increases the need for flexible software that can properly edit PDFs and allow signatures. PDFfiller takes away a lot of complications and common hassles you encounter when working with PDF files.

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