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Despite the somewhat long existence of your electronic files like Word documents and PDFs, many users are still not fully aware of how to maximize them to their fullest extent. This article is for those types of electronic file users and for the young generation out there who want to learn more about PDFs and PDF conversions—a quick guide, perhaps.

The good thing about our technology nowadays is that most inquiries are just one Google away. So for our PDF dummies out there, if you are looking for an easy to use PDF converter for your electronic files, you found yourself the perfect solution! Whether you are searching for a Word to PDF or PDF to Word converter, it does not matter as we will tackle them all!

Getting To Know GoGoPDF

Most PDF beginners will definitely not invest in pricey programs for their PDF tasks. People need an online Word to PDF free converter since they are still learning more about these files. This is where GoGoPDF comes in, as this online PDF converter will not cost you a single penny! Quite the ideal pick for students and people who are feeling thrifty.

Its PDF converter can work both ways; therefore, you can convert your PDF files and Word documents either way. Other than the free PDF converter, GoGoPDF also has a vast selection of services that you might find useful. For oversized PDFs, they have a PDF compressor. For those who need efficient PDF management, they also have the PDF merge and split tools.

GoGoPDF also has editing options like adding e-signatures, watermarks, page numbers, drawings, and images. If you have damaged PDFs, GoGoPDF also has the PDF repair function to recover your corrupted PDF files. Lastly, you can add extra protection to your PDFs with a complex password by utilizing their 128-AES encryption protocol.

MS Word Doc or Docx

Microsoft Word documents are your topmost choice for creating compositions and typing other vital records. You do not have to distract yourself about the doc or Docx format as they are both supported by MS Word programs. Docx is just the more flexible and updated version of the MS Word document. They also come more compact than the older MS Word doc format.

But of course, since we now use updated programs with our modern devices and computer systems, it is more recommendable to use the Docx format. XML-based files are also applied to Excel and PowerPoint files. Thus, your MS Word Docx is more convenient to use as it is more comfortable to read, share, and save as it consumes less space.

Why Choose The Portable Document Format

Despite the significant improvements of our electronic files, including the XML-based files, professionals still choose the portable document format. Provided that the later versions of Microsoft files are lighter, PDFs are even more flexible when it comes to cleaner formatting. They continue to become the best file format despite being old in the market.

You may encounter formatting complications when your recipient is using an older version of MS programs. For instance, you sent a Word Docx to your classmate or colleague using a 2019 version. While your recipient is using MS Word 2007 or 2013, he/she might encounter a different looking file from what you initially designed.

Your font style, spacing, indentations, image positioning, etc., might be affected as they get to the other end. These compatibility complications also apply to Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.  To prevent these unnecessary drawbacks, you can convert your usual files to PDF using the free converter of GoGoPDF.

Converting Your Word Document To PDF

Whether you are using the older doc or the newer Docx, it does not matter. GoGoPDF supports both file formats and will perform PDF conversions within just a minute. Even for PDF beginners, the conversion process is pretty elementary and will not take much of your time. Just take note that you have to be connected to the internet to perform these tasks:

  1. On your most preferred web browser, proceed to the GoGoPDF main page and click the “Word to PDF” option.
  2. Start uploading your Word document. You can do the manual upload by clicking “Select a file” or drag and drop your Word file to GoGoPDF.
  3. After the quick upload, another colorful loading meter will appear as GoGoPDF converts your Word document to PDF.
  4. And you are finished! You can save your freshly converted PDF right away or copy-paste its URL for quicker online file transfer.

Converting PDF to Word and Other File Formats

If you want to convert your file the other way around, GoGoPDF also has the PDF to Word function! When you visit GoGoPDF’s home page, you can see that there are more options for PDF conversions and not only with MS Office files. Again, the steps are very comprehensive and elementary. The upload and conversion process is the same as the one stated earlier.

You will need this PDF converter if you are required to make major changes to your PDF’s content. GoGoPDF has a good set of choices for the opposite PDF conversions, allowing you to access your electronic files with full access editing accessories!


While MS Word is the best choice for making compositions, PDF is the most preferred file format by most professionals and corporate entities. Identifying how to optimize both file formats will give you an advantage in job opportunities!

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