Everything You Need to Know About Kevin Davids Amazon FBA Program Before Buying

There’s no denying that Amazon has a huge percentage of the online global selling market, offering not just a wide range of their own products, but also a large number of goods from other sellers. These may be small, medium or large businesses, but they all want to cash in on the potential audience that Amazon attracts, rather than (or perhaps sometimes as well as) compete with them for viewers. Amazon has made this easy for such business people by offering the FBA Fulfillment by Amazon) option. This is a system where Amazon basically do everything for you, from storing your products, to responding to orders by packing and shipping the items requested.

Obviously, this is a great way anyone can break into online selling with no need to work out all the logistics, leaving you free to focus on sourcing items to actually sell. In return for all this you pay Amazon a monthly fee which is under $50. So again, the key thing for you to do is find the kind of product which will sell – and this is where many people struggle and fail. If you’d like to read more about this topic, then check out:

How to succeed with Amazon’s FBA Program

Kevin David is a self-proclaimed Amazon FBA program expert who offers a paid course called Amazon FBA Ninja packed full of the secret information and special strategies you need to make it to the top of the FBA tree. Even better, he claims you don’t need to have any business experience or make a huge financial investment to make this work for you. So before you buy this exclusive program we take a look at some key things you need to know about it.

There’s a free taster online

If you search for Kevin David’s website there is a regular e-seminar running which introduces you to this Amazon FBA Program Ninja approach. This is a free service, and not likely to give away any of the main points covered on the course, but it is good to look at so you can get an idea of his style and approach, and decide how easy you find it to relate to before buying the main product.

You get access to a private Facebook group

This is possibly one of the main benefits to paying for the course, as the content is from genuine members who share their stories, and where Kevin answers questions you may have. You will find a lot of support and motivation from this group, which is crucial for success in what can be quite an isolating type of business.

There’s some good original advice you won’t find elsewhere

Inevitably there are only so many things you can say about the FBA program, so he does well to offer advice and ideas for both product research and how to boost your listing, along with more on landing pages and marketing.  There are also tools offered such as a product research tool

If you want a one-stop comprehensive rundown of the FDA program, along with some unique advice, then Kevin David’s Ninja program is a good read.


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