Easy Ways to Recognize Employees at Year-End

Easy Ways to Recognize Employees at Year-End

At the end of the year, we all mentally look back, and analyze successes and failures. Companies do the same, from small start-ups to multi-thousand corporations. This tradition allows management to update goals and objectives, adjust the strategy, and see the overall picture of the company's life. This is usually hidden behind routine tasks. Employees also often evaluate their contribution to the company's success. Consider how to recognize these employees for their hardwork at year end.

What do you associate with a debriefing in a company?

Often we think of boring reporting presentations with a thousand incomprehensible indicators and complex terms. Or, an infinitely long speech by the CEO before a festive corporate party. Perhaps your company uses concise handling of management with infographics and detailed representation of each department. However, creative presentations with the participation of managers and key employees are often better received.

Most often, reporting events resemble a presentation at a scientific symposium, where all participants gathered only to read their reports. Whether others understand what they are talking about is completely unimportant.

At the same time, summarizing the results of the year is a powerful tool in the hands of internal communications and HR. With it, you can;

  • Analyze the key projects of the company and how they correspond to the current corporate strategy
  • Inform employees about important events
  • Share information about sales results, and completed projects
  • Talk about plans for the next year
  • Establish a dialogue and give feedback to managers, departments, and specific employees
  • Motivate and encourage employees.

Look at the Forbes Christmas gifts for employees list. This may give you ideas on how to recognize your employees at year-end.

So, what is the essence of the process of staff motivation?

In business psychology, two common basic concepts differ from each other, but are often combined. These are motivation and stimulation of staff. For the best results, consider separating the two.

By definition, motivation is the emergence or creation of internal factors that encourage someone to perform work. Often the motivation is a product of internal mental activity. Therefore, the impact of external factors that help employees to further focus on activities is crucial. This is known as stimulation.

By using incentives, you can increase the stimulation of your employees and increase productivity. However, it is impossible to directly influence motivation. This is because it is associated with the feelings and experiences of the employee themselves. But, you can help to boost their mood by rewarding your employees.

Create Unique Awards for your Employees

The whole year your employees do their best for your business. And at the end of the year, you can give them great presents and appreciation words. The companies which miss this step have lower chances of maintaining higher productivity for the following year. Thus, you should focus on how best to recognize your employees at year-end.

After all, this will change how you start the year and the way in which it continues. Thus, if you give them special corporate awards by Fineawards and appreciate their efforts, your company will become more productive. A healthy environment will also stay throughout the year with regular recognition.

With the help of staff motivation, managers can:

  • Increase the efficiency of the work of an individual employee.
  • Improve collective work and workplace culture
  • Encourage staff development and career growth
  • Retain permanent staff and eliminate or minimize staff turnover
  • Set goals and help staff to achieve results within specific timeframes

The general system of personnel motivation uses several basic principles:

Gradual Rewards

This means that it is not advisable to immediately reward employees with large bonuses. Employees constantly form a new threshold of expectations. Therefore, in order to boost productivity for the next stage, bonuses will have to increase. This can lead to unnecessary expenses for the company, and reduce productivity when bonuses don't increase.

Tangible Rewards

Tangibility implies that recognition in any form should be significant. Therefore, it should directly depend on the position, privileges, and achievements of the employee. For the emergence of motivation, it is important to find a middle ground and take into account the gradual and tangible increase in rewards.

Recognize The Efforts of The Whole Team

As a team leader, you must do your best to recognize all the employees' efforts, especially those who work hard and try to be their best.  

Learn how to implement service awards; you can pick ideas and do your best. The most important is your will to recognize your successful employees and give them your kind words. The more you appreciate them, the better they will become for future tasks. 

Accessibility and Flexibility 

Accessibility helps to choose transparent, understandable ways for each employee to motivate and stimulate. Different approaches to motivation should be justified taking into account seniority, position, the volume of work, and other aspects.

Complexity involves taking into account various theories of motivation and an approach that alternates or combines several types of tangible and non-material rewards. It is important to understand what is more expensive for a particular employee to receive, and not underestimate the importance of verbal forms of encouragement.

Timeliness indicates the importance of the time factor. It is better to immediately note the merit of the staff in any way, it is not recommended to delay the moment. An employee must feel important all the time, so some companies have switched to weekly wages.

Along with the positive method of motivation in the domestic corporate culture, there is still a way to motivate employees, which is based on a negative impact. This means that fines and sanctions are imposed for any wrong action or inefficiency. However, the “negative” method is gradually giving way to practices focused on rewards and other positive methods of motivation.

Effective ways to motivate staff

A well-thought-out personnel motivation system contributes to sustainable business development. Moreover, non-material methods of stimulating employees also help to successfully solve problems, which is especially important at the start of a project or during a crisis. In what ways increase the motivation of staff and create a calm working atmosphere in the team?

Salary is the basic way to motivate staff, without which all other methods are ineffective. The amount of remuneration can be fixed or flexible, the main thing is to discuss all questions about money at the stage of concluding an employment contract with a new employee and reach an understanding of the mechanism for calculating and remuneration. It is important not only to correctly assess the ratio of the volume of work and wages but also to regularly review the existing proportion in order to maintain the level of wages at a decent, without understatement level.

Do not neglect praise. The word "thank you" is not an automatic courtesy, but a simple way to show the employee the value of his work. Verbal gratitude is always appropriate and as a form of motivation does not require absolutely any costs.

In large companies, a simple and effective way to motivate staff is to call by name. Experience suggests that addressing an employee by name inspires and motivates them to work better. Of course, the manager will have to make an effort to remember all the staff by sight, but there are other ways to solve the problem, for example, making it a rule to wear name badges.

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