Digital Marketing Tips To Grow Your Startup In 2022

Digital Marketing Tips To Grow Your Startup In 2022

Every year brings new digital marketing trends so as a startup, you continually need to be switching up the tactics you use for maximum impact. For the year 2022, there is more of an emphasis on video marketing. Not to mention techniques like storytelling and conversational marketing. Here are a few tips to grow your startup in 2022.

Short And Visual 

All of the previous year has seen short reel videos go through the roof. Initially made extremely popular by TikTok, other platforms like Youtube and Instagram have also launched their own versions of this format such as ‘Shorts’ for the former and ‘Reels’ for the latter. Short videos are as the name suggests, short and impactful and in the case of brand videos, they give a lot of information very quickly.

Moreover, the audience nowadays has a limited attention span so brands have to compete more and more to retain their interest. That’s where short videos made exquisitely with the help of a digital marketing agency become more important. However, if you want a DIY approach, you can also create short videos on your own. Even with a small startup content budget, you can get creative. Consider investing in a couple of good DSLRs, and use free or inexpensive subscription editing software. Then shoot concept-based short videos to capture interest and grow your customer base.


For a customer to discern your content in a sea of videos and blog posts, you will really need to brush up on the storytelling angle. Brand marketing can use storytelling like a charm because it creates this aura around the company’s products and services. In some ways that is what customers are buying into. Telling a great story can also help subtly explain to your consumer base why your products or services are potentially superior to the ones offered by your competitors.

With a good enough story, you can even ask for a higher price and subsequently get a greater profit margin. This is why storytelling is peaking for 2022. For example, many small indie organic skincare and makeup companies have crafted a powerful story about ethics, sustainability, or homegrown aspects of running a business. They easily charge a much higher price than famous, global brands due to this.

Hence, if you want to take advantage of storytelling as a marketing approach, then you should know how to do it. To successfully make it happen, you need to consider some vital aspects. For instance, it’s important to know your audience so you can decide where you should publish your story. Make sure to fine-tune your message to develop a good baseline for your story.

Additionally, if you want to tell an effective story, you should keep it simple, make it entertaining, and add details that offer value to your audience’s lives. Also, incorporate authenticity and honesty into your content to better connect with their emotions. To learn about creating imaginative, interactive content, consider looking into a Seth Jared course review to enroll in a professional course.

Build Trust

Some brands get unfollowed by their customers because they overdo the production of content. They do this expecting of greater sales. However, this spamming affects the relationship of trust that the brand has with its customers. Always maintain trust with steady, quality, informative content on your social media platforms or through email lists, etc.

Avoid an advertising overload by maintaining value in the content you are putting out there. This is a worthwhile investment. If you are hiring people to grow your startup, look for people with multiple skills such as graphic designing, writing, video editing, and so forth. Expect customers to be choosey about what they see on their feeds.


Customers are increasingly straying from generic content. Instead, they look for brands that are more specific, tailored, and personalized in their marketing approach. To grow your startup, you need to know a lot about the demographic and customer base you are targeting. That means their desires, preferences, income, and a plethora of other information. Use this to decide on content as well as to make other decisions like pricing sensibly.

Moreover, if you’re looking to develop a personalized digital marketing strategy, DoubleDome Digital Marketing and other reliable agencies can help you create personalized landing pages, videos, and emails. You can also take advantage of personalization by responding to your customers’ queries. Make yourself available so they can feel that you’re real and authentic.


Digital marketing has been an effective and popular tool to attract more customers and for one to grow their business in 2022. Hence, if you want to position your startup in the online market, keep the tips mentioned above in mind and start reaping great results in no time.

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