Dental Advertising Ideas to Increase Dental Sales

Dental Advertising Ideas to Increase Dental Sales

Did you know that in 2019, 65.5% of adults aged 18−64 had a dental visit in a year? The number is growing day by day. If you are giving dental services or have a dental clinic, you will definitely target them. Advertisements of your service can attract them. First, we will see how dental advertising works; then, we will discuss advertising ideas to increase dental sales.

How advertising works for dental sales

Advertising for dental businesses is a subset of dental digital marketing tactics. We know marketing is a mix of product, price, promotion, and place. Advertising is related to promotion terms. The most popular advertising platforms are Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Advertisers pay this platform to reach out to persons who need dental help. Here are some effective ideas on these platforms to generate dental sales.

Facebook ads ideas to increase dental sales

Facebook is still one of the best advertising platforms around. If you advertise on Facebook, the ads can reach 2.17 billion people. As we discuss dental advertising, our targeted audience will be people facing dental issues. There are different types of Facebook ads. Among them, images, videos, and lead ads are very effective. Some tips for running Facebook ads nicely to generate dental sales:

  • Optimize your dental Facebook page and website with complete information.
  • Gather information on competitors' ads.
  • Create a Campaign on ads manager. Campaign objectives awareness, traffic, and engagement are preferred.
  • Target people in your location and narrow it down as much as possible.
  • Create an attractive image or video.
  • Add relevant text and your website's URL. You can get an idea about texts by spying on your competitor's ad.
  • Add a call to action button depending on your choice.

Instagram ads ideas to increase dental sales

Instagram also has a paid advertising feature. Ads on Instagram allow you to create, manage, and track ad campaigns. The main difference between Instagram and Facebook is that it can use links in the content. Some popular Instagram ads are images, stories, reels, and video ads. Here are some tips for Instagram ads.

  • Use the real clicked photos and videos of your dental practices.
  • Test different types of hooks and analyze all the ads.
  • Shoot the content vertically, not horizontally.

Google ads ideas to increase dental sales 

If you want to increase dental sales, google ads are a great option. Google has its own advertisement platform, which is known as Google Adwords. Google ads work based on PPC, which means the advertiser will pay per the number of clicks on the advertisement. So, keyword plays a crucial role here. For researching keywords, google's free tool keyword planner works effectively.

There are four types of keywords in this case: broad match, phrase match, exact match, and negative. Broad match allows being shown for a more comprehensive range of search terms. Phrase match gives you a phrase that a user is typing in the exact order of your keyword phrase. Exact match keywords are used to attract patients who search for the same or similar phrases. Negative keywords are used to show ads for people who are really looking for dental services. So selection of keywords will depend on the mindset and budget of the advertiser. Some more tips after selecting the best keywords:

  • Give all information about dental services in the meta description.
  • Run a campaign to generate website traffic and leads, not conversations.
  • Select the exact location of your dental services.
  • Put the service page or a specific page on the URL, not the home page.
  • Fill up headlines with at least three attractive pieces of information.


We hope the ideas for dental advertising will generate clients. It’s not a good decision to attempt all these ideas simultaneously. Instead, try a few at a time and see how each works in your practice’s context.

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