COVID-19 Aftermath: Cleaning Services to Curb Infections

COVID-19 Aftermath: Cleaning Services to Curb Infections

The recent pandemic of the new century has left a terrible social, economic, and health impact in its wake. As of this writing, the world is still in a state of a virtual halt with businesses and livelihood grinding to a halt because of quarantine and other state-sanctioned lockdowns. There is an air of anxiety among the people as the uncertainty of the longevity COVID-19’s grip of the world is very much clear. Even with the great number of unknowns about the virus, society has taken extra measures to protect itself from the dreaded infection. Practicing social distancing, frequent hand washing, wearing face masks, and disinfection of surroundings has helped in keeping the pandemic from taking over the lives of people.

Sanitation and Disinfection

Although there is still some unknown areas about the various manner of transmission of the virus, the leading route is through the droplets from an infected person. However, it has not been discounted that a surface or an area where an infected person occupied is safe so the disinfection of such critical areas is part of the disease control measures. 

Reno is one of the communities that is greatly affected by the pandemic. The community has now taken the fight to the streets with sanitation and disinfection of public places. This has put the cleaning services Reno has to the test in keeping the community safe from the pandemic. A comprehensive service that takes care of sanitation in homes, workplaces, and places where people congregate is a critical factor in keeping the people, who go out to work, safe. It is clear that their safety is now more important than ever, hence these services have been a major tool in keeping the community businesses and commerce alive amidst this pandemic.

Its Importance amidst COVID-19

1. To Reduce Transmission

Sanitation and disinfection are one of the important factors when dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. Restaurants, marketplaces, offices, and other public facilities are at risk because of the number of people from different places come to congregate for different reasons. Cleaning services offer the chance to prevent the virus from being transmitted through unsanitized surfaces and infected areas. This differs from health facilities like hospitals and clinics because the people that usually occupy these places are not that knowledgeable about protecting themselves from contamination. This makes it critical that these places are regularly cleaned and sanitize even after the pandemic.

2. To Prevent Re-Infection

All over the world, one of the great obstacles with the novel virus is that it has yet to develop a vaccine that everyone can benefit from. This has resulted in a number of re-infection by those who have already overcome the disease. Until there is a definite a vaccine or cure to this virus, cleaning and disinfection of homes and other facilities will continue to be a primary measure to prevent the spread of the virus and its terrible effects.

3. To Ensure Protection of the Public

Not everyone can stay at home and be quarantined and not everyone who goes out to work is health workers. Much of public staff and private employees still go out and work to provide service to the community. Making sure that their place of work is clean is one way to protect them and their families back home. It has been established that many of those infected don’t show symptoms akin to flu or respiratory malady but it doesn’t mean they are not contagious to other people. It is critical to protect the public from the virus even if they are not affected by it because they become carriers and may cause harm to those with compromised health conditions. Sanitation of public areas can help prevent the virus from reaching individual homes and those who are sick and quarantined for their protection.

COVID-19 Aftermath: Cleaning Services to Curb Infections

Safe Cleaning Practices

The CDC has provided guidelines on how to safely and effectively sanitize and disinfect general community facilities for the purpose of protecting the individuals that use those facilities. The cleaning of surfaces, hard, porous, electronics, and fabrics are to be done with an objective to contain the virus and preventing its spread. Disinfection with the use of safe EPA-approved chemicals should be done at its proper time. Cleaning is to be performed and doing the disinfection afterward will prevent the propagation and spread of germs. The personnel responsible for all of these activities should also wear the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Although the risk of infection on the cleaning staff is low, wearing the proper gear and hand washing is nevertheless required. 


The cleaning services along with healthcare workers have taken the lead in combatting the effects of COVID-19. Right now, the United States has the highest cases of confirmed cases along with deaths due to the virus. The statistics should compel us to take every measure there is to curb the number of infections and save the already overwhelmed healthcare system from catastrophe. This battle is not only for those who are in the frontlines, but the enemy also comes into our homes unbeknownst to us, which makes this war very personal.


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